Rothschild Goes to Labour’s Aid

Once the Rothschild dynasty represented everything Labour most reviled. Now Lady de Rothschild, the American-born entrepreneur and socialite who counts royalty and rock stars as friends, has offered her services as a fundraiser to the party, writes Jasper Gerard.

De Rothschild — known as Lynn Forester before she married the banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild in 2000 — was one of the Democrats most successful fundraisers. She also paid for and organised all President Bill Clinton’s third way conferences, having made more than £100m from the sale of two communications companies she started.

Since her marriage, de Rothschild, 48, has been based in London. Her 71-year-old husband is head of the merchant bank NM Rothschild and his family has a fortune of £500m. (It’s probably far more than £500m, the Rothschilds like to play down their wealth and so minimise the extent of their political power. Ed)

Recently she hosted a party for her friend Hillary Clinton. She has also become close to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Peter Mandelson is said to be “smitten”. Many Labour stalwarts are likely to be worried at the prospect of the party consorting with grandees such as the de Rothschilds.

But with Labour short of funds to fight the next election — membership and donations from unions are both down — de Rothschild’s intervention could be crucial.

“Whatever Labour wants, I would be happy to help in any way I can,” she says in an interview in today’s Sunday Times News Review.

“Fundraise? I would. I think a lot of this government.”

De Rothschild, who spent her wedding night in the White House as a guest of the Clintons, defended holding such wealth while espousing centre-left opinions: “It is not about being a limousine liberal. I work hard, not only for myself but for others, and I would fight to the death to preserve our way of life.”

Queen of the Limosine Liberals