Magic Thermite and the 9/11 Fairytale

Smoking Mirrors – April 2009

Well… there it is in black and white and irrefutable; all three colors complementing truth. This won’t make much difference to those who have gone to such great lengths to deny the truth in the first place. The first place they deny the truth is within themselves and then they are kind enough to extend that courtesy to everyone else; lucky us.

But there it is, scientific proof from the Scholars for 9/11 Truth. This is a clarion call for the weasels and dissimulators to see what kind of lies and obfuscations they can manifest in the face of manifest truth. It’s time for the bombastic, red-faced martini addicts to rail against one more terror organization. This one appears to be terrorizing their ignorance but… it’s not just ignorance, it’s blind support of domestic terror in the service of personal gain and aggrandizement. It’s time for another chorus of the Shitshiller’s Serenade; time for another lullaby of death.

The last time I was here, I said I didn’t see much in the way of a collective human effort to change the course of the last, however many, years. Well here’s something. Here’s some change we can believe in. Here’s the opportunity to open a crack in your hardpan denial and let in some disinfecting sunlight. Because it appears that 9/11 was an Inside Job… ah…duh.

Yes, those ‘scientists’ have been as busy as a cluster of disappearing honey bees and we are going to see two guaranteed results present themselves in the coming weeks. One of them is no result at all. One of them is the possibility of a complete MSM blackout of this remarkable bit of news and the other… the other; please take your moment to laugh or weep according to your disposition. The other will be new and improved lies and rebuttals that would strain the credulity of a household pet. Unfortunately… in too many cases… this might be the smartest member of the household.

There it is people… thermite where no thermite was supposed to be and which we were told was not present but is indeed present and that means what? Well, it means a few things. It means that the people behind 9/11 who are in charge of the governments of the United States, Israel and Great Britain are going to have to have another 9/11 kind of event to counteract the brushfire that this report is going to cause around the world. The days of being able to block out the publics right to know are gone. This is going to get legs. This is something that can’t be spun.

Thank god, Mr. Small Change we can believe in is tall in the saddle of his hobby horse. They did it. Yes they did. Will we now be hearing that Bin Laden and his numberless crew of non-existent Al Qaeda slipped into the towers and planted the explosives? Maybe they are the ones who took advantage of Marvin Bush’s security firm closing down sections of the towers and security systems in the weeks preceding the attacks. This is the obvious course. The administration is now going to discover new evidence that shows Al Qaeda planted these bombs. What else can they do? Or…

They can blow up something new. Nothing takes your mind off what you were wearing yesterday like something new today. Nothing sweeps everything under the rug as well as setting another part of the house on fire. Of course… even if we do find out the truth we’ve got Chomsky to tell us, “So what?” and “It’s doesn’t matter who did it.” Now that’s what I call a left gatekeeper. I’m past imagining what it takes to be this kind of a person. I can’t imagine what it takes to be in a position of public trust and to murder those entrusted to your care. This is well outside of the parameters of what I can process and understand. Ask me how alien life is on other planets and I can probably be of more help.

Every now and then you get those great partnerships that work together so well; Tinker’s to Evers to Chance, Tippiecanoe and Tyler too, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Rodgers and Astaire, Laurel and Hardy. Here we have The Land of Liberty with The Land of Eternal Victims, joined by The Nation that Invented Slavery, engaged in what they actually do as opposed to how they present themselves. As a wise military man once said, “Every ship of state sails on a river of darkness.”

Murder for profit, combined with treason; what’s the penalty for that? Besides Hellfire, should there prove to be such a place?

What does this show us? What is the most glaring indication that we can extract from this wonderful revelation? It is the indication that much of the ancillary evidence of who is responsible is also true. It ties directly into the further efforts of the psychopaths upon the world’s stage in Afghanistan and Iraq and it points to whoever is most vocal for an assault against Iran. Why not take the time to inquire into who was responsible for orchestrating the wars mentioned and the war pending. The names and agencies you discover were also the architects of 9/11. You might want to also ask yourself if five dancing Afghanis; five dancing Iraqis or five dancing Iranians were discovered in the area of New York City on 9/11. I guess the ones who were can speak for themselves. I had to use this link because this video has been nearly scrubbed from the web. Google “Israeli MOSSAD admitting 9/11 we were trying to document 9/11” to see what I mean and listen to the closing statement on the video.

Now you must consider Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib in connection to 9/11. You must consider ‘rendition’. You must consider what you encounter passing through an airport. You must consider the expensive price of telling the truth at universities and in the workplace. You must consider the disappearance of everything you had before 9/11 occurred and you must consider that it is the people who carried out 9/11 who took these things from you. You must consider the horrendous Kafkaesque condition of those tortured at Guantanamo and around the world for information possessed only by the ones torturing them.

Then perhaps you will consider who heads Homeland Insecurity and who heads the Homeland Insecurity Committee AND you might consider which present president of the United States used to be on that committee; hint… he’s not buried in Grant’s Tomb. Then perhaps you will consider all manner of things that are hiding in plain site. If you are afraid of the truth, I can understand. It could be that possession of the truth threatens your livelihood and possibly even your freedom. It could be that you are not opposed to living in subjugation to those who caused the fears they are protecting you from. It could be that you don’t want to know because knowing might require some personal sacrifice. And there’s always the slander and mockery. Readers of this site have seen what happens when I post these articles at Zionist Occupied Slate forums as I will this one today.

Whatever one chooses to believe for whatever ones reasons may be it can no longer be denied that the official version of 9/11 is a deliberate lie whose motive was the personal gain of the principals involved. It can no longer be denied that the governments of the United States, Israel and Great Britain are the real axis of evil.

We are on the verge of enormous transformation. People are making their decisions as to whether they will embrace a lie to insure the protection of a life whose quality diminishes by the day or whether they will seek out the truth no matter the cost and perhaps find a life worth living based on a personal honor and dignity worth preserving. One thing one must surely consider, physical life is mortal. It is how you spend it that counts and… what determines the value of the life that was lived.

9/11 Was an Inside Job

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