When Will It Start? Part II

Kennedy’s assassination led to Vietnam, 9/11 brought us the “War on Terror”, Iraq and Afghanistan. What happens in the following months and years will bring us another war more destructive than both the two world wars put together.

Although it’s still uncertain precisely how it will start there are a number of possibilities. For example we might see an Israeli attack on Iran, which falls short of its aims only to provoke a fierce Iranian counter strike; thereby opening the way for U.S. military intervention.

Or we might see that old speciality: a false flag terror attack or even an assassination of a high level political player. However, we’ve seen so many false flags recently that what worked with 9/11 and 7/7 might be seem too obvious now. So this time round we may see something a little different, like an assassination.

Whatever happens though, in the aftermath expect the finger of blame to be pointed at Iran, thereby paving the way for a full U.S./NATO strike.

Obama’s recent gestures toward Iran are part of this ruse. So far he has produced nothing concrete and nor will he, while his military plan and prepare for a strike on Iran; Obama will continue with fine words and empty gestures, simply acting the role of the “good guy”.

As detailed elsewhere, preparations are well underway for combined military strikes but they won’t remain limited to Iran. Because it’s likely to escalate into something much bigger with Pakistan and Syria coming alongside Iran together with Russia and eventually China too.

Yet whatever happens and however unexpected it may seem, its been long in the making. Indeed some months ago a psychic friend noted that China was making extensive preparations for war. Just as we reported, that western military commanders met secretly in New York State late last year; possibly to hammer out a coordinated military response to whatever unfolds in the coming weeks.

No actual resemblance but you get the ideaNonetheless whatever transpires is only the opening act in a much bigger drama that has long been prepared for.

One might even call it a cosmic drama. Because waiting in the wings, ready to step-up and take command, as all hell breaks loose, is a figure long foretold by ancient prophets.

Christian esoteric researcher Rudolf Steiner and the ancient Zoroastrians knew him as Ahriman. While Muslims refer to him as ‘Al-Masih ad-Dajjal’, the great deceiver. Whatever he is called though he is an incarnation in human form of a powerful entity more commonly known today as Satan.

And here it should be noted that he is quite distinct from Lucifer, an entirely different entity who, according to Steiner, incarnated in ancient China nearly four thousand years ago.

Both are actively opposed to human spiritual evolution as it diminishes their power. Quite simply, Ahriman and Lucifer are empowered by men’s weaknesses and ignorance. So that by developing spiritually mankind effectively enfeebles both.

Which is why they are working against humanity’s spiritual evolution.

Steiner taught that the incarnations of Lucifer and Ahriman, together with Christ’s, are interlinked and part of a series of manifestations that are essential for mankind’s higher evolution.

Lucifer, as words derived from his name suggest, seeks to distract man from his higher destiny with illusion and delusion: as illustrated by Hollywood and much of the “new age”.

While Ahriman wants to deny man’s spiritual ascent by embedding him firmly in the material realm – as embodied in fractional reserve banking and scientific materialism – as if there were no higher spiritual reality.

However to counter balance these two opposing forces man requires the qualities exemplified by Jesus Christ, and what Steiner referred to as the “Christ force”.

Ahriman's head sculpted by SteinerSo Ahriman’s appearance is the final part of “coming of age” lesson for humanity.

And like they say, the most important lessons are often the most difficult. Just as when you were a kid you had to stand up to bigger kids in the playground who thought he could push you around.

What you learned then was more than just how to use your fists. You learned how to take command of yourself, to see things through and not to be cowed by appearance.

Well, this is no different. We, as individuals, must now summon all our reserves of courage, insight and compassion to face what is to come.

How many will succumb to this entity depends on each individual’s own inner qualities. Unsurprisingly though, with a few notable exceptions including Ahmadinejad, most of our political leaders are already in his thrall.

Make no mistake however. This writer is not just speculating because the figure referred to is already in the public arena, being prepared for higher elevation in the world of politics.

Although I won’t name him just yet, he is located in North America. Precisely where and when spiritual researcher and teacher Rudolf Steiner said he would incarnate.

Moreover, the current financial crisis has been created to catapult him into the public’s awareness as some kind of “saviour”. Although he will be anything but as will soon become apparent.

In fact a gifted psychic friend has reached the same conclusion about him and quite independently too.

All we can say is watch the financial world and wait for an apparent market ‘recovery’, then look out for whoever is credited with performing this economic “miracle”.

As the prospect of war looms watch for whoever is being hailed for rescuing us from “market meltdown”. The market’s recovery will only be temporary but it will be enough to elevate this character into the highest levels of the political firmament.

From here he will be able to guide and direct the coming war.

These are truly momentous times. We are at the beginning of a new age and as the old one passes away expect to see the beginning of the end of “scientific materialism”. For the notion that existence is confined to the physical world and that there is nothing beyond is about to end along with hundreds of millions, maybe even billions of lives.

This realisation will be a difficult one for many. Especially for those who’ve spent their lives working for their material welfare and nothing else.

It will be particularly difficult for those who have elevated pure logic and reason above compassion. For those who regard scientific materialism as their god, to the exclusion of all genuine spirituality, will soon see him in person: presiding over a maelstrom of unprecedented suffering.

It may give them second thoughts but he is coming; along with a firestorm of blood and crap the like of which humanity has never seen.

Update – April 24, 2009

New information suggests Israel planned launching a surprise air strike on Iran with the intention of taking out the greater part of its air force. According to Press TV, the Israelis aimed to take out large parts of the Iranian Air Force as it assembled for an air display near Tehran.

However, the plan fell through when the air show was cancelled at the last moment. Although the Iranians claimed this was due to “bad weather” there have been suggestions that Russia tipped off Iran after its spy satellites spotted an unusual amount of activity at Israeli air bases as preparations were made for the attack.

The Israeli attack was reportedly scheduled for April 17.

If true, it means our psychic friend was correct but the Israeli’s plan fell through. That being the case however, it doesn’t mean that they won’t try again.

As they say: stay tuned. Ed.

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