Giesbrecht Proves Taliban are a Fraud

The plight of a Canadian convert to Islam who ran a pro Muslim website “Jihad Unspun” proves the Taliban are a fraud run by the CIA and MI-6.

Beverly Giesbrecht, 52, was kidnapped by the Taliban last November while working on a documentary film in Northwest Pakistan. Apparently they are demanding $375,000 for her release. Look at this heartbreaking recent video in which Giesbrecht pleads for her life. She is obviously in terrible health and says she will be beheaded at the end of March.

“The time is now very short and my life is going end,” she says.

The politics of this kidnapping are very strange. Giesbrecht ran what was virtually a pro-Taliban website. Why would they treat a friend and fellow Muslim in this fashion? Why would they expect their political adversary to ransom her? Are they clueless? The news stories make clear that the Taliban that is holding her hostage. She repeats twice that the Taliban is holding her and in four months, they have not denied it.

The Canadian government, which is fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, is being asked to ransom her. Naturally they are dragging their feet. In contrast, when a female Canadian CBC-TV reporter was kidnapped in Afghanistan recently, they arranged a prisoner exchange immediately.

The story illustrates that these Illuminati wars are prefabricated to perpetuate war for war’s sake. They have bankrolled both sides of every war in modern history. No one should put his life at risk. Giesbrecht converted to Islam in 2002 and took a Muslim name. She obviously bought the Taliban message. I wonder what she thinks of it now.

As everyone knows, the Taliban were created by the CIA and probably still work for the CIA and MI-6. No one can carry on a war without substantial financial backing.

The Canadian government should take pity on Giesbrecht and negotiate her release. They should treat all Canadian citizens the same, not depending on whose propagandist they are.

Giesbrecht’s heart was in the right place even if she was in the wrong one.


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Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of “Illuminati-The Cult that Hijacked the World.” ( His articles can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving your comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.

Readers Response

Dear Henry:

The Talibaan ARE a fraud and I am surprised you caught on to it albiet from a different angle.

To be precise these are the neo-talibaan whose leader has actually been relased from Guantanamo Bay. His name is Baituallah Mehsud. He was in Guantanamo and since released he has wreaked havoc in tribal areas of Pakhutunkhua. His supporters are not religious men but former smugglers, drug runners and gun runners-who were always ousted by the larger community. His foriegn support is evidenced by the latest weaponry he possesses, superceding that possessed by the Pakistan Army-supposedly fighting a war on terror with US assistance.

In addition the neo-Talibaan have razed girl’s schools, beheaded devout Muslims and publicly flogged women-all unthinkable acts under Muslim ettiquette and law. They staged a big drama in 2008 at an Islamabad mosque by heavily fortifying and arming it and holding female seminary students as hostage. The ring leader-pretending to stand for Islam against the sellout Muslim president- was caught trying to escape in a burqa disguised as a woman, as the female seminary students perished under the eventual show down with the army.
What is the purpose of the neo-talibaan?

To project themselves as “real Muslims” and thus tarnish Islam/religion.

The illuminati took over Makkah and Medina through Wahhabism in the early 20’s. Now they are placing the neo-talibaan to project another uglier militant face of Islam-derived from the root word salama or peace.

But the Quran says. “And they plot, but Allah also plans, and Allah is the best of planners”. Meaning that their plots against Allah/God will fail.