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Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am writing to explain why my website has not been working for the past week. Basically, it is because my website has been hijacked by the technical administrator, an Estonian named Aivar Hiienurm, who has a web-hosting business called Holyfield Studios. While he is the person who is directly responsible, I suspect he is acting on behalf of others.

Mr. Hiienurm’s website is at
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His phone number is: (372) 58 176 515

Without going into great detail, my wife and I have had problems with our Estonian-managed websites since January. Helje’s website,, was severely corrupted with malicious code that scared readers away and rendered it virtually unusable. This website deals solely with the M/V Estonia ferry catastrophe of September 1994, in which she lost a loved one. My website, which also deals with this sinking, was the next to be hijacked. I could see the writing on the wall and warned my readers ahead of time.

We suspect the hidden hand of Estonian military intelligence is involved in these problems. Helje organized two extremely important Estonia truth events in September (with Jutta Rabe) and November (with Anders Bjorkman) 2008 in Estonia that exposed crucial new information into the sinking. After these events she collected 150 signatures of relatives of Estonia victims demanding their government re-open the investigation. Shortly thereafter our troubles began. We were forced to leave Estonia at the end of January or face prosecution.

I wrote about these Estonia-related events on and was amazed at how many readers were interested in the article about the Estonian spy Herman Simm and his role in the Estonia cover-up. Furthermore, my chapter about the war games that were on-going during 9-11, the London bombings, and the Estonia sinking, was read by some 50,000 readers and was the second most popular article until my article about Bernard Madoff passed it in early March.

This leads me to think that Estonian military intelligence, which is controlled by U.S. military intelligence, is behind these attacks. Estonia is a very small country and the intelligence circles are extremely small. I came across a very important piece of information about the Estonia sinking last summer and decided to act on it in December or January.

What I had learned was that a person named Toivo Treima, a senior Estonian military intelligence agent, had handed the surviving captain of Estonia, Avo Piht, over to the “American side” at a Swedish navy base shortly after the sinking. As my Estonia readers will recall, Capt. Avo Piht is one of the dozen or so key people who were reported as having survived the sinking and who disappeared from their hospital beds the following day – never to be seen again.

When the Herman Simm spy scandal broke, Toivo Treima suddenly left his position at the Baltic Defense College in August 2008 and became a priest in the newly-founded Estonian Orthodox Church. This is, of course, not a real church. Estonians who are religious are usually Lutheran, although very few Estonians are religious these days; Russians are orthodox.

What we know about Toivo Treima is that in the early 1990s he worked with a fake Swedish church group called Livets Ord, which was actually a Zionist outfit dedicated to finding Jews in the former Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact states and bringing them to Israel. Livets Ord is headed by a Swedish Jew named Ulf Ekman. This fake Christian operation was called Operation Jabotinsky. The Estonian press wrote that Treima operated between Israel and Sweden and lived in both countries.

Later, Treima was taken to the United States where he studied with the U.S. military in Norfolk, Virginia, and Fort Hucachuca, Arizona. Fort Hucachuca is the training center for U.S. Army Intelligence. A person from Fort Hucachuca was behind getting me kicked off of about a year ago.

I tried to go to Treima’s “ordination” in October and spoke with Mrs. Treima to arrange an interview with her husband, the new priest. I didn’t get an invitation or an interview, but one of the first things she said was that they had never been to Israel, media reports notwithstanding.

When I broached this subject with Estonians who are supposedly interested in getting to the truth of what happened they reacted in one of two ways: they either freaked out or ignored it as not important. If it is true that Treima was involved in the disappearance of Capt. Piht, then it is the key to exposing the whole can of lies about what happened to the weapons-smuggling ferry that sank with nearly 1,000 lives lost. There is more to this story, but that can wait. This is the background about what we think is behind our website problems. Estonia is a country of fewer than 1 million Estonians. Its population is smaller than a small American city. Condoleezza Rice said the other day that it is a country in an extremely “dire situation.” They followed the American (Milton Friedman) model, rather than the German model of development, which is why they are in such dire straits. 18 years after independence and they still don’t have a direct train link to Germany!

Well, in any case, we hope to be online very soon, although it might be that will be functioning first. I have a very interesting article to post about the Arthur Nadel scam and how it is connected to Bernard Madoff and Israel Discount Bank of New York. I have a good explanation about why Art Nadel is being held in the same jail in New York as Madoff, although his crimes took place in Florida.

Thank you for your support. I am not giving up.
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Christopher Bollyn

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