Voice of the White House March 23, 2009

“Ousted from what amounted to almost total power, the Republicans are frantic to get this power back, no matter how they do it. Their tactics border on the infantile in that they rant endlessly against any measure Obama wants to take to rescue the floundering economy that they did as much to sink as the iceberg that brushed the Titanic. Now, we are being entertained by the bombastic, and highly inaccurate, Limbaugh who is the de facto head of the Republicans but for the time being, the nation is spared the malapropisms of the Divine Sarah. Given the degree and extent of their fathered disaster, the GOP is stuck with a lunatic new chief and represented by a fat, convicted drug addict, all of which has a certain ironic flavor. No one here foresees bread lines or former BoA executives selling apples off of a push cart but the banks are never going to be the same again and the way overpriced housing market will take a decade to creep back up to anywhere near its former heights. Most houses that were heavily mortgaged to pay for their owner’s greed are now worth far, far less than the mortgage, making them impossible to sell. Many people speak of money as the root of all evil but the correct Biblical quotation refers to the love of money as the root, not the money itself. A hedonistic and totally self-indulgent public is a co-partner with crooked Bush politicians, hedge fund operators and very bad bankers and as the old saying goes, it takes two to tango. I personally have no compassion for the greedy who never seem to know when to quit and walk away from the table but I do have some for those stalwart and upright citizens who now cannot sell their homes because the mortgage value is more than the sale price of their homes. The Congress members who deliberately, and maliciously, try to block any Democratic relief measure come from very safe districts and are difficult to vote out but if the Democrats are able to increase their numbers in both the House and Senate at the next mid terms, the spoilers and whiners will have less to say than freeway roadkill though they may smell better.”

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