How the NFL Went Communist

NFL Commissar Roger Goodell makes $10 million a year to globalize the all-American game.

NFL Commissar Roger Goodell makes $10 million a year to globalize the all-American game.

Like the NBA, the NFL is controlled and run by the mafia and the New World Order Luciferian/ ILLUMINATI Cabals. The NFL has been very political lately: pink uniforms for breast cancer {but nothing for prostate cancer}; shrill advocates for gun control; TSA style security at the stadiums; secret agreements with Dept of Homeland Security to allow ‘their’ stadiums to be used as mass detention centers, prisons, or places for displaced persons in the event of a national crisis; separation of children from their parents while attending NFL games; firing of patriotic country singer from singing theme song opening Sunday nite football each week for his criticism of Obama; etc.
Hawaii Libertarian Keoni Galt describes how football has been feminized, and how he evades the commercialism and the crap.

by Keoni Galt —And Social Justice for All (Excerpt by

The NFL’s regularly scheduled programming has long been concerned with promoting the military-industrial-complex and statist obeisance for the feedlot inhabitants citizenry. But ever since our induction into the globalized Brave New World Order, the NFL has also played an integral role in the gradual implementation of the authoritarian police state. As Dave Hodges wrote in December:
“The NFL now represents the antithesis of everything that comprises the backbone of traditional American values. I love the game of football. Football was one of the sports that I grew up playing and I later coached the sport as a former head coach in the high school ranks prior to moving to coach college basketball. I thoroughly enjoyed the competition at every level both as a player and a coach. However, the NFL has taken all the fun out of the game, because the league spouts the mantra of the globalist forces which seeks to enslave us.”
Support for the military and patriotic statism is certainly the NFL’s longest running, overt programming that we the long-time viewers and consumers have been subjected to. But it seems like the politically-correct agenda of the $ocial Justice Whores has really taken increased precedence in the last five years or so. Every single topic being promulgated in our modern age by the $JW’s useful idiots and change agents has taken front and center, as the daily topics du jour in the National Sports media.


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