Voice of the White March 13, 2009

“Well, Bernie is in the bucket now but we all want to know where in Hell the asshole hid his billions looted from Americans. No one wants to talk about this but it is impossible these days to move huge sums of money (now officially $65 billion!) out of this country or even around inside of it. Bernie did not hide his loot in his closet and we now know that the bulk of it is invested in Israel. The American authorities do not wish to annoy the Israelis or, most especially, their political action committees in Washington so the issue somehow never seems to be raised in our worthless media. It is up to the raped investors to form committees of their own and organize to demand a full and open investigation into Bernie’s actions. So many Americans have been fiscally raped that further obfuscation and feeble attempts to point the public to the joys of American Idol will only cause serious backlash in the very near future. And if we discover that we have invested more money in fake, debased Chinese counterfeit coins, those of use who have been swindled and who can never expect to get back a dime from the slick coin merchants can at least force a very reluctant Secret Service into taking action. We cannot stop the Chinese from their criminal activities but we can, and must, stop this massive fraud from continuing and further raping the public.”

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