This website works with some truly remarkable individuals: writers, commentators, researchers and activists whom we correspond with from around the globe.

Individuals being the operative word, because although they aren’t joined by race, faith or ideology they are all united by a desire to see falsehood exposed and truth revealed.

From time-to-time we receive word from one genuinely gifted psychic friend. Nearly seventeen years ago he was talking about a future Anglo-American invasion of Iraq. At the time his prediction seemed totally outlandish but subsequent events proved him right.

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating because he has a proven track record.

His insights extend from world affairs to mundane day-to-day events, from perspectives on personal matters to profound insights into historical events.

Indeed his penetrating awareness often reveals things that some would prefer remained hidden.

Which is why this writer never consults him about his personal affairs. Because although I have nothing to hide I prefer my private life to remain exactly that, private.

Moreover, there is much that our friend says that this website doesn’t publicise. Not because it must remain secret but simply because it would leave the average person, mentally at least, gob-smacked.

Nonetheless, our friend continues to warn of an impending clash with Iran. A conflict he says that may start slowly but will escalate into something much, much bigger.

A man of few words, he says it’s coming soon and much more besides.

Indeed some of what he ‘sees’ will leave most people mentally stunned, which is why we are not going to reveal it all just yet. In due course we will, in the meantime however we share this brief email received from him yesterday:

Now see this….

Humanity, this planet, and all that encompass it, are as a large body of water, a river flowing.

Israel/USA, are a hand, stirring the water as they have done for some time now believing that they control the flow of the water, influence it. Splashing in the water will draw attention……..

But as anyone will tell you….remove the hand from the water and the river will continue to flow in it’s inevitable course. There is no hole left where the hand once was in the water.

This renders the hand that stirred the water inconsequential, irrelevant in the course of the flow of the water.

Israel/USA are the hand. It tires. It becomes weary. It has spent its energy.

When they are inevitably removed, the river will continue to flow, and they Israel/USA will prove themselves irrelevant. They will cease to exist.

This is the law. Think about it. And rejoice.