Charles Freeman and the Art of Shadow Boxing

Western democracism– especially in its most perverted form, the Anglo-Saxon two-party system – always reminds me of American style ‘World Wrestling’, a choreographed pretend fight with pre-determined outcomes where all ‘competitors’ are employed by the same organisation. No matter who wins the ‘smack down’, the World Wrestling Federation always ends up with a profit.

In the past week however, we all got to enjoy a far more sophisticated spectacle, reminescent of the ancient art of shadow boxing. The superior performance does not come as a surprise, given the star was a highly intelligent, Chinese speaking CIA analyst. According to Arnaud de Borchgrave, darling scribbling of the U.S. disinformation machine, Charles Freeman, is a ‘brilliant analytical mind’ and ‘anathema to the Israel lobby and the neocons.[1] It didn’t take much more than some bashing by the infamous AIPAC, for the dissident media scene to promptly celebrate Freeman as its latest hero.

Sorry, folks, I hate to be a party pooper, but haven’t you heard of reverse psychology? If an elite puppet like Obama, after appointing Israel firster after Israel firster, suddenly nominates an alleged Israel lobby opponent, like a sacrificial lamb for the AIPAC wolves to tear into pieces, that’s not just political show fighting, it is art.

Anybody familiar with the power of the Jewish lobby should know that a U.S. journalist working for the likes of the UPI and the Washington Post can’t write articles criticising Israel and its lobby like Arnaud de Borchgrave does on a regular basis,[2] without losing his job, unless he has been instructed to do so. Equally, no U.S. career spook like Charles Freeman can genuinely criticise anything to do with Israel and its 5th column without being sent lawn-mowing in Mongolia, unless of course his criticism – and the predictable reactions to it – are part of a smokescreen.

Has anybody actually had a proper look at Freeman’s resume?

U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War

AIPAC is trying to fool us by accusing Freeman of being a Saudi puppet. If there are any puppets in the Middle East, it’s the Saudis themselves. Pampered and kept in power for the sake of Western oil interests, those guys do an amazing job at giving Islam a bad name. Their medieval form of government, especially the barbaric legal system and the degrading treatment of women and their bankrolling of ultra-orthodox Islamic sects and terrorist groups is deliberately designed to make Westerners perceive Muslims as backwards, dangerous and cruel. This perception is critical to prevent Western sheeples from getting too upset about the sniping of Palestinian children or the stealing of Iraqi oil.

The Saudis have also been effective at preventing a united Arab front against the Zionist occupation of Palestine. For a role as involved in Anglo-Judean state terrorism as that of the U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, it is no coincidence that it routinely filled with career spooks like Charles Freeman.

Chinese interpreter for Henry Kissinger during his historic visit to China in 1972

No historic event in the second half of the 20th century has had a more disastrous outcome for Western interests. What Kissinger did during that meeting with Mao Tse Tung was promise – under the guise of globalization – to move the bulk of Western manufacturing assets to China in return for opening the country to the Jewish controlled international banking sector. I couldn’t imagine any bigger act of treason of a U.S. ‘diplomat’. The fact that Freeman didn’t prevent it or at least warn the unsuspecting public, is unforgivable.

There is plenty of other evidence that Freeman is not genuine. Take for example his insistence that decades of Israeli oppression of the Palestinians was the reason for anti-American terrorism. Someone as informed as Freeman knows of course that those two things have little to do with each other. 99.9% of terrorism is performed by groups that are financed and controlled by Western governments, directly or via Saudi billionaires such as the Bin Ladens, irrespective of what motivates the foot soldiers on the ground.

This brings me back to the question what exactly motivated Freeman for his anti-Lobby stunt performed as part of his withdrawn Obama nomination. It’s hard to say. Maybe it’s just a demonstration of Jewish power. Or it is a warning from the bankers in New York and London for the Zios not to get too cocky. Who knows?! At the end of the day, our ruling crime families need the psychopathic mindset of the Judaics in and outside of Israel to carry out their dirty business. That doesn’t mean that they let them get away with everything.

[1] see his latest Washington Post editorial titled Freeman’s Unpardonable ‘Sin’
[2] read for example Embarrassing history

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