Power, Love and Self Sacrifice

Would You Take a Bullet for a Feminist?

Last week, a young Israeli died protecting his girl friend from a knife-wielding Palestinian. The police spokesman said he absorbed the attacker’s blows with his body, ultimately collapsing on top of his girlfriend who was unscathed physically. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/946633/posts

The young man made the supreme sacrifice. His was the supreme act of love.

Men instinctively protect their own. But feminists don’t belong to any man and make a point of being independent. If you were married to one, would you sacrifice your life for her? If society put your children under her jurisdiction, would you die for them?

The answers have broader implications. Would you support her if she were incapacitated? Would you do unpleasant work day-after-day to support her children? If not, would there be any point in dying for your country? Feminism clearly sabotages the social contract, which is heterosexual by nature.

By “feminism” I am not talking about women receiving equal opportunity (in fact, they often receive preferential treatment.) I am talking about a bogus gender ideology that the financial elite is using to destabilize and depopulate society. This ideology denies the natural differences between men and women, encouraging women to behave like men and vice versa.

Here I will elaborate on my ideas about heterosexuality. I do not wish to impose a one-size-fit-all model. I am presenting another paradigm in opposition to official feminist dogma. Let the truth be the ultimate arbitrator. Everyone must discover it for him or herself.


If you want to get a man’s attention, give him power. A man will not sacrifice himself for woman or family unless they belong to him, i.e. are part of him.

Feminism has made the idea of a man “possessing” a woman distinctly unfashionable but this is exactly what both sexes actually want. It mirrors the sex act.

As I have said, the heterosexual contract involves the exchange of female power for male love. If she has chosen wisely, a woman will receive more love as she completely surrenders herself. Self-sacrifice is how women show love. Men feel this and it inspires their love. Female love takes the form of faith, patience, acceptance, adaptability, support and much more.

For a man, I suspect power (and the responsibility and trust it implies) is the most satisfying aspect of his relationship.

On the other hand, the more power a woman demands, the less male love she will receive. Feminists are consigning many women to lives of bitterness and solitude.

Feminists will say I am portraying male tyranny but I am not. A loving man nurtures his wife and wants her to flourish. He tries to please her. He consults her. She is in charge of certain domains, which aren’t necessarily traditional. She has her own personality, work and views. For example, my wife doesn’t agree with many of my views.

Nevertheless my wife adjusts to me. I feel free. She has made all other women redundant and freed me to pursue my work. Miraculously, she is happy too.

Putting Women On A Pedastal

To surrender power for love is feminine. When men try to do it, women lose respect.

Women unconsciously seek to be overwhelmed by a man. So when a man puts her on a pedestal (because he wants sex or love) he is defeating himself.

Women are naturally hypergamous: they seek men with greater power or status. A man will succeed if he finds a woman who looks up to him. He can keep her respect by providing responsible firm leadership. He should cut his losses if she proves difficult. If you want to get a woman’s attention, show her the door.

A man must have a dream that is independent of a woman but involves her. According to psychiatrist Helene Deutsch, (“The Psychology of Women,” 1948) women are masochistic-narcissistic. They want to be put to use as wives and mothers, and loved for their sacrifice. They want to be needed.

A woman’s most important decision is her choice of a man. Her life will be based on his dream for better or for worse. He must have a vision of life, and she had better like it or not marry him.

It is tragic to see young women squandering their innocence on men who only want sex. Beauty is based on love and trust. If young women understood this, they would preserve their innocence.


The financial elite is creating the new world police state using a bogus war on terror and a bogus gender ideology. Men and women can partly thwart this assault by having families based on healthy and natural heterosexual principles.

Male-female love is the closest most of us come to knowing God. (That is why we are so obsessed with it.) Love involves different self-sacrifice for females and males. When a woman gives herself to the right man, they can move mountains together.

Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.” His articles on feminism and the new world order appear on his web site www.savethemales.ca He enjoys receiving your comments at henry@savethemales.ca