Doing Hard Time In Manhattan

Gosh, Bernie looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world. Very relaxed for a guy who admitted he defrauded 50 billion from friends, acquaintances and a whole lot of others. Maybe Bernie knows something the rest of us don’t. Maybe he’s expecting the kind of justice available only to someone like him and certain other Zion special elitists. Like Scooter Libby, for example. He never did a day in jail. Or that old Zionist codger Ben Ami Kadish, who spent his whole treasonous life turning over America’s nuclear secrets to Apartheid Israel. He’s out on bail too. He’s already been told he has no jail time in his future. Why shouldn’t Bernie think he could beat this rap? It was only money that he stole. In fact it’s probably reasonable for him to believe so.

In order to perpetuate a fraud on this scale Bernie had to be receiving a lot of special treatment over his long and fraudulent career. Other than that pesky investment dude with the Greek sounding name nipping at his heels before he was discovered, apparently no one really asked many questions. Could that be because Bernie was considered a legend among men and women in his field? Especially among some Jewish men and women. Lets face it; no one reveres the Jews more than many of the Jews themselves. That’s why we have websites like Jewlicious, Jewcy, Jewscrumptious and so forth (Actually there is isn’t a Jewscruptious website yet but I have purchased the domain name in anticipation and it is available for sale). Many of these folks apparently consider themselves pretty tasty. Could it be that many of the individuals at the SEC responsible for policing and overseeing organizations like Madoffs thought he was a tasty legend also. I know it’s anti-Semitic as hell to notice this but three of the last four heads of the SEC were Jewish. The chief enforcement officer was a guy named Katz. A list of attorney names at the SEC’s enforcement division reads like a membership roll of one of Mr. Madoff’s exclusive Jewish country clubs. Did they give him a pass just because of who and what he was? But all of this is water under the bridge right? It’s time to move on to the next country club arena, our criminal justice system in New York.

Let’s take a look at the names of the federal magistrates who determined whether Bernie remained free. Ronald Ellis, Gabriel Gorenstein and Theodore Katz. I’ll be damned aren’t all of these Jewish names? I wonder if this Judge Ellis is related to the Jewish Judge T. S. Ellis now presiding over the Rosen, Weissman and AIPAC espionage trial now languishing in legal hospice. That’s the treason trial that our Zionist censored media never speaks of. And I wonder who the U.S. Attorney responsible for prosecuting Mr. Madoff is. Why it’s Lev Dassin. Lev? Isn’t that an Apartheid Israeli name? And of course it goes without saying that Mr. Madoff is also represented by Jewish attorney, Ira Sorkin.

But there I go jumping to conclusions. The Judge Ellis of the New York Federal court it turns out is actually a man of color. His ancestors, like many, apparently kept their former slave surnames. That’s right, many Jews were among our most prominent slavers and slave owners. This fact is often ignored by our Zionist historians however, because quite frankly, it could call into question their self promoted image of the Jew as the perpetual victim. This perception is vital to the Zionist cause. But surely this possible genetic connection due to our sad history would not explain the special treatment Madoff received from Judge Ellis could it?

Lets turn to Michael “Wiener” Savage for some more insights on the subject. Wiener-Savage is of course the Zion fascist talk show host who like David Horowitz, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams and others, once worshipped at the alter of Lev Davidovich Bronstein, a.k.a. Leon Trotsky. This was of course before their tilt to extreme Judaism and pledge of allegiance to the Apartheid State.

Wiener-Savage apparently had this to say on the topic of Ellis. “As a longtime lawyer for the NAACP, Judge Ronald L. Ellis no doubt benefited indirectly from millions of dollars sent to the NAACP by charities Madoff managed money for.” Lets face it, the the Jews of Wiener- Savage’s persuasion don’t have a great deal of compassion for the plight of African-Americans. They feel African-Americans should feel fortunate just to be here, even if their forefathers were brought over in chains by some of Wiener-Savage’s kin. They could still be in Africa instead of being here enjoying the good life. Wiener-Savage and company are outraged by things such as affirmative action and quotas or anything else that might seek to correct the effects of past injustices. They also worry that quotas for real minorities might limit the educational opportunities for their own such that they can no longer overwhelm agencies like the SEC or the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York with their numbers. Then what would happen, competent enforcement of the securities laws or equal justice under our laws?

Others like the so called Conservative Gentleman think;

One wonders why Michael Savage went after Judge Ellis in this matter when both Gorenstein and Katz preceded Ellis in setting Madoff free (My guess is that Wiener-Savage like the Conservative Gentleman, never judge a man by the color of his skin unless it is black, as his following paragraph should illustrate).

Nevertheless, that Ronald L. Ellis, the under-educated, ill-prepared, biased and entirely incompetent judge can rule in favor of Bernie Madoff is testament to how corrupt this system has become as a function of unbridled liberalism. Before this onerous, unhealthy, indeed poisonous philosophy was embraced by so many in our society, the United States of America had the most enviable jurisprudence system in the world. It is a farce today (I think that many among our minorities who were often the victims of our enviable Jurisprudence system were not nearly as impressed with it as the Conservative Gentleman).

We are subject to a culture of jurists who “interpret” our laws by ignoring those on the books, and making new ones by fiat from the bench to better suit their political persuasions and personal tastes.

How any of these judges arrived at the decision to allow a man his freedom who admittedly schemed for so long, and with such impunity, to steal so much from so many, is beyond legal interpretation not to mention common understanding. It can only be capriciousness born of ignorance, stupidity and the bias which grows in such fertile, liberal-socialist soil. It’s either that, or corruption (CG I’m guessing is still frothing at the mouth over that infamous Brown versus the Board of Education ruling by our Supreme Court).

Unlike Mr. Wiener-Savage and the so called Conservative Gentleman my criticism of United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and Judge Ellis in particular is not that he has shown preferential treatment for a wealthy man, we have all come to expect this from our legal system. I object to the hideous disparity in compassion shown for some one like Mr. Madoff who has already acknowledged his guilt and someone like Aafia Siddiqui, a Muslim woman and alleged terrorist. I will talk about this disparity in a coming post.

It is however our societies unhealthy reverence for all Jews and all things Jewish, even criminally Jewish, which explain Mr. Madoff’s continuing freedom. I don’t believe Judge Ellis allowed Bernie to remain free because he was influenced by NAACP contributions or because he is ignorant or under educated. I believe he is free because Mr. Ellis and his Jewish counterparts on the bench thought he was special.