Dr Kelly Warned of “Dark Actors Playing Games”

Shortly before he set off for an afternoon walk, from which he would never return, Dr David Kelly sent an email warning of “dark actors, playing games.”

The message referred to officials in the Ministry of Defence and British Intelligence with whom Dr Kelly had clashed over the exact nature of the threat posed by Iraq and its alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Moreover, the email gave no indication that he was either depressed or contemplating suicide. He wrote that he was waiting “until the end of the week” before judging how his appearance before the House of Commons select committee had gone.

The email was sent to American author Judy Miller shortly before he left home for the last time.

Another email sent at the same time to an associate said that he was enthusiastic about the prospect of returning to Iraq and determined to overcome the scandal surrounding him. Hardly the sentiments of a man about to commit suicide.

As if to underline this, his wife told the New York Times that her husband had been under enormous stress recently “as we all had been”, but at no stage had he indicated that he was contemplating suicide.

All of which suggests that Dr Kelly may not have committed suicide but may have been may have been “assisted” in his suicide.

In response police investigating his death have now taken away his home computer for further investigation.

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