The Long Way, the Short Way and … the Right Way

Visible Origami — Sept 14, 2014

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“Some velvet morning when I wake…” Here we are at some point on a late Sunday afternoon. If you leave too late you won’t arrive too soon. Bow to the sun and howl at the moon and so on and so forth. When government becomes a comedy and a travesty, it inescapably becomes a tragedy. The same is true of religion or any other system where dishonesty and fabrication make up the lion’s share of the construction. Sometimes there is something you can do and sometimes there is nothing you can do. Sometimes you can engage and sometimes the only positive action is to disengage. Sometimes you come down from the hills and sometimes you head for the hills. The most important feature of any of this is to be able to intuit the action appropriate to the situation or condition. Sometimes it’s one thing and at another time it could well be the opposite.
You’ve heard the term, “know your enemy”. You might as well say, “know yourself”. One of life’s greatest riddles and… for some an indecipherable mystery, is how does one turn their worst enemy into their best friend. Who is your worst enemy? Your worst enemy is yourself and most especially, your mind. Those in possession of enduring wisdom are guardians of the mind. They know it all begins and ends there. They know that those who stand guard at the gateway of the mind are in control of the mind. If the mind is not under your control, or under the control of your higher self, it is automatically under the control of your lower self. If you don’t make the choice, the choice is made for you. You have heard the phrase, “those who are not with me are against me?” Once again, you might as well say, “those who are not with themselves are against themselves.
You have heard the phrase, “set the Lord’s house in order?” Who is it that does that? Who is the lord and who or what is his house? We live in a temporary zone surrounded by evidence of eternal verities. We are here for a short time and for most… that means one seeks after those experiences that are pleasurable to them but not necessarily good for them. Quite often those things with the greatest complexity of taste are not good for you. They stimulate in one place and then they devastate in another. A lot of things that devastate are incremental in the process. They kill you slowly over a long reach of time. It’s no great amount of time at all, really …but… in comparison to the length of a human life it can seem long. Certainly there is more than enough time to forget all kinds of things as you go.
It is a common thing for people to go their merry way for ‘relatively’ great lengths of time until, suddenly; it is often a sudden thing… revelation dawns on them that they have wasted their life. They wonder how it could be that they did not see this until now. The truth of their situation is made known to them in a convincing manner. Of course, the force bringing it to their attention has its own agenda concerning how and when it goes about its eternal duties. One thing you have to say about this force… it’s timing is impeccable.
We live in concert with this force, in those rare instances where such a thing is operative or we live in opposition to it, as is so in the majority of cases. Indeed, in the majority of cases where people believe they are living in concert with this force, they are actually living in opposition to it. One has only to look at the behavioral trends of any of the fundamentalist movements, in any of the religions, in order to see that in most cases little of it has anything to do with the divine. It has to do with the promotion of a personal god that is every bit as petty and vindictive as his followers. It’s like something that blocks the light casting a shadow and… one must consider that one cannot cast a shadow unless they are blocking the light. There are metaphors, analogies, parables, allegories and fables that teach all around you if you look.
One person looks around them at the world and everywhere they look they get evidence that proves to them that God doesn’t exist. Another person looks around them at the world and everywhere they look they get proof of the existence of the divine. I can personally occupy both of those spaces should I choose but only one of them is relevant to me. The divine is as real to me as anything can be and it is my primary, MY PRIMARY CONCERN that I make the divine ‘the centerpiece’ of my life. I am grateful I started early at this. I have not always been consistent. I have not always been going about in my life with the right behavior. I’ve been lost and I’ve been found several times.
We are all going to make mistakes and those who are afraid to make mistakes are people who have never lived and that is a terrible thing. Life is both risk and risk assessment. Life is also about taking chances. You’re welcome to play it safe but I assure you, you won’t be. You’re welcome to believe anything you like. If you are fortunate, what you believe is true and if you are truly fortunate, the true that you believe in is a conscious and living truth which means, in this case, that it can live and express itself through you. We are all channelling something. If we are channelling it we must approve of the passage and if it’s something no one truly sane would approve of… then there must be something in the tradeoff that makes it worthwhile to you to host it. We all come to terms with ourselves and whatever archetype our lifestyle most naturally emulates. Somehow we justify whatever it is that we do in the pursuit of our interest. We rationalize.. whatever it takes we find our way through or around whatever it is to whatever it is.
My concern is not with those who are unwilling to entertain a belief in what cannot be seen. I don’t argue and I don’t expect anyone to agree with me and it doesn’t matter if they do or they don’t. My concern is with those people who share with me a common interest in and love of the benevolent aspect of the invisible. As far as everyone else may be concerned, I am not here to say whether or not they are damned, doomed, confused or all of the above or… otherwise disabled and whether, in fact, that is a disability. Some things are only a disability when considered in relation to the ineffable and a spiritual life. Otherwise it’s all win win. When there is no consideration of a higher reality, a divine originator, or anything outside the kingdom of flesh and appetite… anything goes. There’s only one rule; don’t get caught and that doesn’t apply either if you happen to be a banker or can afford whatever it takes to avoid the consequences of your actions.
I know that there are many people who think I am insane and I couldn’t agree with them more. You don’t get to where I am by being sane. It’s not possible to possess certain perspectives and also be what the world defines as sane and which I, from my perspective consider to be insane and at the very least, either psychotic or neurotic, or any of the relevant branches on either of these poisoned trees.. Life seen from the perspective of a materialist makes perfect sense to them and also justifies whatever actions they take in pursuit of whatever they are after. Life seen from the perspective of a lover of God takes the whole concept of the material world as being unreal and also as a projection of the mind. Seen from a deeper perspective there is no material world. Everything is spiritual… if you are.
People’s lives are SUBJECTIVE to what they believe. Their lives are defined by intention. Character really is fate. People in search of adventure will find that adventure is attended by uncomfortable conditions. People who pursue personal safety in whatever area that applies will find that there is no safety and you build a prison out of your imagined security as well. People in pursuit of pleasure will find that pain is the ultimate result. People who seek to subjugate others will find themselves in subjugation to a force more oppressive than anything they are capable of visiting upon others. It’s no accident that Joan Rivers said what she said about the Palestinians and met death by vocal chords as a result. Mr. Apocalypse is on the job.
The sane person, when surrounded by contagious madness, retreats within themselves and avoids interactive contact because there is no sane resolution to the interplay. In a world of elements operating in animosity to each other, there can be no peace possible, save for what one achieves by an internal harmonizing with these warring elements. Most make some form of accommodation with this circumstance by embracing an explanation that makes it possible for them to survive by compromise. One finds of the other side of the equation that compromise by any other name is something else.
You live with what you are comfortable with. You continue according to what you find acceptable based on whatever code you do or do not possess. You do what you do based on how you have explained it to yourself. No matter what you tell yourself about how the cosmos operates, it does what it does regardless. Everything in the universe conforms to the rule of law whether these laws are known or not. Where they are not known , convenient explanations are given for how one circumvents them or… there is no need to explain anything; “though the wise man knows that Heaven favors no man, the wise man favors Heaven.”
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