The ‘Alternative’ Press?

The press can be divided into various categories: left wing, right wing, highbrow, low brow and so on. Whilst they may all appear very different they all work to one and the same agenda. Why has nobody in the main stream media mentioned the Paul Wilcher Report on Waco or spoken about Tomlinson’s sworn testimony. Why has no one taken a hard objective look at Sir William Macpherson’s report on the murder of Stephen Lawrence and recognised its sinister implications. Why? Because with a few exceptions the media is largely owned or effectively controlled by a global ruling elite, the Illuminati; consequently the media is simply used as a means to misinform and condition public awareness whilst maintaining the charade of “independence”.

A recent example of this could be found in the so-called ‘Independent’; on January 25 it carried the headline “In a small English town, two black men are found hanged…Could this be the work of a racist lynch mob?” Two days later a follow up announced … “Telford: The damming evidence. . .Hanged man’s niece told he was on list drawn up by white supremacists”. The police maintained that the deaths were suicides; ‘The Independent’ had other ideas though. Underneath the article was a small report headlined: “Straw to unveil tougher anti-racism laws”; in effect the ground was being prepared for the introduction of further legislation. We said this would happen in our first edition and sure enough it’s happening, but naturally you cannot call such legislation fascist because it is being introduced under the guise of an ‘anti-racist’ banner.

The local provincial press is a notable exception to this rule, probably because the Illuminati consider its influence limited. Thus it was left to Telfords own Shropshire Star to comment on the deaths: “Does anyone who lives or works in Telford or knows anything about the town believe this is true? The evidence to support a racist conspiracy is scant. We cannot allow rumour to become reality just because it is repeated enough.”

What’s significant here is the way such incidents are being used to prepare the way for the introduction of further legislation. Indeed without hesitation we would say that anyone who seriously uses the expression “institionalised racism” is either seriously stupid or knowingly working to an Illuminati agenda. In this respect the so-called ‘alternative’ press is as guilty as the establishment press. For example ‘The Big Issue’, a paper that is sold by and for the benefit of homeless people, recently featured several articles on “institutionalised racism”. Other ‘anti-establishment’ articles featured recently were on the Seattle demonstrations (which could hardly be ignored). And the Bilderbergers meeting in Sintra (the focus of much Illuminati disinformation).

Let’s just say a little bird told us, but we know for a fact that the Big Issue has been aware of Tomlinson’s sworn testimony since late last year. They have also known about Felicity Arbuthnot’s reports from Iraq but, as with Tomlinson’s testimony, they’ve breathed not a word of it to their readers. So much for the papers byline “Up from the Streets”; rather its intention is to keep its readers “back on the farm, with the rest of the other animals.” We challenge The Big Issue to prove us wrong, all they have to do is publish Tomlinson’s testimony.

This is not without precedent however. For instance the 60’s drug culture guru Timothy Leary was in fact an FBI informer. The former Harvard professor had preached anti-establishment slogans all his life, yet after his death it was revealed that he had willingly aided the FBI. We charge that The Big Issue is in the same league. Leary’s byline was “tune in, turn on and drop out”, The Big Issue’s hook is ‘helping the homeless’ … underneath these covers they both serve the same agenda.

It only takes a few individuals in key positions to steer the whole thing; when we phoned for some biographical details on the editorial staff, on the pretext that we were doing a survey of the British ‘alternative press’, we were met with distinct reticence. Now we know why.

Yet a genuine alternative media is beginning to emerge. Nexus and Mike Rupert’s “From the Wilderness” are starting to emerge as groundbreakers. Even more significant though is the internet; centrexnews, Brasscheck, rumormill and Jeff Rense’s excellent provide a genuine alternative media that has the establishment press (and that means all virtually the press) seriously worried; so much so that moves are now underway to police the net. Not because of the pornography but because the net provides a genuine free forum for the exchange of ideas, one that can’t be owned or controlled by the Illuminati.