The Marriage of Dynasties

It is already being called the wedding of the decade but it is more than just a marriage. It also marks the union of two of the world’s most powerful financial dynasties: the Rothschilds and the Goldsmiths.

Invitations went out last week to more than 600 family and friends for the marriage of Kate Rothschild and Ben Goldsmith. Kate is the daughter of Amchel Rothschild, who was found dead in a Parisian hotel after apparently committing suicide in 1996. While Ben Goldsmith is son of the late Sir James Goldsmith, whose fortune was reckoned to be over a billion pounds at the time of his death in 1997.

Admittedly Kate Rothschild and Ben Goldsmith may be perfectly decent people. But the fact remains that a marriage between the two cements ties between families that many see as powerful forces behind the New World Order.

Like the Rothschilds, the Goldsmith dynasty has its roots in the Jewish ghettos of 18th-century Frankfurt. Distantly related, they have subsequently become major players in the world’s of finance and politics.

Among those understood to have been invited to the wedding is Tom Parker Bowles, son of Camilla, consort to Prince Charles. While it is rumoured that Camilla herself may turn up, along with Prince Charles.

The marriage has been schedualed to take place in September in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. With the reception taking place afterwards at the home of Kate’s mother, the heiress Anita Guiness.

Despite being a glittering social prospect it is as well to look beyond the obvious with two such families. Ben Goldsmith’s older brother and uncle, Zac and Edward Goldsmith respectively, are behind the Ecologist, a magazine which deals with environmental issues. But they have also been rumoured to have links with Mesoamerican narco-terror groups, while Zac Goldsmith has been said to have links to anarchist groups in London.

This is indeed a ruse employed by some of the world’s leading plutocrats. One such is George Soros, who recently took out full page ads in leading US newspapers challenging George Bush’s case for waging war with Iraq.

On the face of it this is all quite laudable, presenting the billionaire as a champion for justice and human rights. However, this ignores the fact that George Soros has cynically profited from previous conflicts; notably the recent conflict in Yugoslavia.

So, in effect this may no more than a Public Relations scam, with the likes of Goldsmith and Soros skillfully presenting themselves as “concerned”, “altruistic”, activists. When in fact they may be no more than cynical plutocrats engaged in clever subterfuge.

Killing with Kindness

Today most people are easily beguiled by this sort of thing, but it wasn’t always so. My late South African grandmother was well acquainted with it, one might even say intimately so. Born in Jo’burg in the late 19th century, she had grown up in the back streets of what was then a rough gold mining town. A pretty girl of mixed race, she eventually ended up “entertaining” mine owners like the Oppenheimer’s in their Jo’burg mansions. Years later, she would recall how they would “kill with kindness”, while Zulu miners and Boer mine captains would labour and die in their mines, hundreds of feet below.

So perhaps it is perhaps no coincidence that the Oppenheimer’s, like the Goldsmith’s, have an association with the Rothschild’s that goes back more than a century. And no matter how they may present themselves they are united in their belief of the prerogative of their wealth over all.

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