Former CIA Representative: MH17 Crash Investigators May Be Hiding Information

RIA Novosti — Sept 9, 2013

MH17 crash site

MH17 crash site. Click to enlarge

Judging by the poor amount of data released on the investigation of the MH17 crash in Ukraine, it is possible that the information is being withheld, Former CIA representative David Speedie told RIA Novosti on Monday.

“There has been complete silence for the past three weeks… The silence, it means people are hiding things. Where is the conversation between the control tower and what did the Ukrainians do with those things? Why is there a secret agreement between Malaysia, Ukraine and Holland not to say anything to anybody? Judging by the poor evidence that has been out there, people are hiding things,” Director at the US Global Engagement Program, Carnegie Council for Ethics, David Speedie said.

“Where are those black boxes? The black boxes have been in London for three or four weeks now. We should have some results. Why were they given to the British? There are all kinds of unexplained reasons here,” Speedie said.

The expert also said that if “it were the Ukrainian forces that did this, and it was done without Poroshenko or even Yatsenyuk knowing about it” and Russia has information about it, then that may be “very embarrassing” since it may prove that the Ukrainian leader is “not in control.”

Flight MH17, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed on July 17 in the Donetsk region, killing all 298 people on board. The reason for the crash is a matter of debate. Kiev accuses independence supporters in eastern Ukraine of shooting it down but cannot provide any evidence. The local militia leaders insist that they do not have weapons capable of shooting down a plane flying at 32,000 feet.

A preliminary report on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine is expected to be issued on September 9.

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