Ray Rice: Domestic Violence Whipping Boy

By Henry Makow Ph.D. — henrymakow.com Sept 8, 2014

Ray Rice, wife Janay Palmer  and daughter Rayven, age 3. Click to enlarge

Ray Rice, wife Janay Palmer and daughter Rayven, age 3. Click to enlarge

The NFL suspended Baltimore Raven running back Ray Rice “indefinitely” Monday after a video surfaced showing him knocking his then-fiance unconscious in an altercation in an Atlantic City casino elevator February 15, 2014.
Rice had been suspended for two games and fined $500,000. He had been charged with aggravated assault and was facing legal consequences. However the severity of the punch and the image of him dragging her unconscious body out of the elevator touched off a firestorm which resulted in the suspension which probably will end his football career.
I do not condone men beating up their women or vice versa. I find what Rice did repugnant. However, as usual, the Illuminati media are using this case to advance their heterophobic agenda designed to instill fear of men in women.
They tailor everything to their agenda. When Michael Brown was killed by a white cop, he was a Black man, better to promote racial division. But Ray Rice is not a Black man, part of a hip hop culture that encourages domestic violence and makes millions for the Illuminati. He is just a “man” better to demonize men and promote homosexuality.
When a man preys on young boys, he is a “pedophile.” He is never a “homosexual” because homosexuality is good.


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