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Ashley Collman — Daily Mail Sept 8, 2014

Sarah Bajc and boyfriend Philip Wood. Click to enlarge

Sarah Bajc and boyfriend Philip Wood. Click to enlarge

Six months after her boyfriend went missing on Malaysia Airlines flight 370, an American woman is losing faith that the plane will ever be found – believing something in the investigation is being covered up.

Sara Bajc’s boyfriend Philip Wood, 50, was one of 239 passengers and crew on the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, which mysteriously disappeared off radar last March 8. Despite a massive search effort, no sign of the plane was ever found.

Now Bajc and other family members of the missing passengers are demanding raw data on the disappearance be released for independent analysis, no longer trusting the Malaysian investigation.

‘I think that if the existing investigation team is left in charge … we may not ever find the plane. Because I believe there are active steps being taken to interfere with finding the plane,’ Bajc told NBC News.

Bajc says she isn’t sure how much is being covered up, but knows something is being concealed.

‘Failure to release information – whether its obfuscation, you know, actually covering something up – or dishonesty… creating false evidence or just hiding something, right? We don’t know why or what is being covered up, but something is being covered up,’ she added.

She also criticized the Australian governments role in the investigation, after they stepped in to lead Indian Ocean search.

She said the Australians should be ’embarrassed’ for targeting a dead-end search based on underwater pings, and for not forcing the Malaysian government to release all of their records.

Relatives of passengers onboard the Malaysian Airlines MH370 near meassages of sympathy. Click to enlarge

Relatives of passengers onboard the Malaysian Airlines MH370 near meassages of sympathy. Click to enlarge

Since the search has found no clues as to what happened to the plane, Bajc and the other family members hold out hope that some of the passengers may still be alive, no matter how small a chance.

On Monday, many of these family members gathered at the Yonghegong Temple in Kuala Lumper to hold a prayer vigil for the missing passengers.

Several looked overwrought with emotion, as they cried in public for their missing loved one.

The fruitless investigation has left Bajc without closure, and she says she will continue to press for answers as long as their is no evidence her boyfriend died.

‘I think it’s a very real possibility that Philip is still alive because there is no proof that he’s dead. And so I will continue to push to find proof, one way or the other and at some point in time, if a body is brought to me or even confirmed wreckage of the airplane, then I will acquiesce to the fact that he’s not coming back.

‘But until then I will continue to push and many, many family members feel the same,’ she said.