One Night in St Petersburg Part II

Even a cursory study of history reveals the Illuminati lay the groundwork for their plans well in advance. This entails working secretly to fulfil schemes decades and sometimes even centuries before they are revealed to the public. A prime example of this can be seen in Albert Pike’s letter to Giuseppe Mazzini dated August 15, 1871, in which he outlined many of the events that were to dominate the 20th century.

With unnerving accuracy, Pike wrote of World War I, the Russian Revolution, and the rise of Communism, World War II and the foundation of modern Israel. These are all a matter of historical record now but Pike wrote about them decades, and in some cases nearly a century before they occurred.

Significantly, Pike also wrote of events that have yet to come. Foremost among these was a third World War, which Pike wrote, would be triggered by a “clash between Islam and political Zionism.”

Given the current face off between Israel, the U.S. and Iran over the latter’s nuclear program, this seems grimly prophetic.

However, it must be emphasised that the Illuminati’s plans are more than just multifaceted; they are multi-dimensional and intricately linked too. Making the constituent parts seem incomprehensible when viewed in isolation.

And just like a puzzle, if key pieces are missing the bigger picture remains concealed.

In this way secrecy is ensured. The broad public don’t make the connection between events and see the darker overall design, even as it unfolds before them. Things are further obscured by the way events are presented to the public – which is where control of the media and education, two pillars of Illuminati power come in.

Like they say, knowledge is power and for the Illuminati the more people are kept in ignorance the more powerful they, the Illuminati become.

The founding of modern Israel is a case in point. After all, who apart from a few insiders, could have guessed that the rise of the Nazis in the 1920’s would contribute to the foundation of a Jewish state in what was then British mandated Palestine?

And who would have known that Jewish persecution during WWII would be used not only to secure the foundation of modern Israel but also to cement Zionist power over the U.S. media and politics today?

Or that the descendents of persecuted Jews would treat Palestinians little better than the way the Nazis treated their forebears?

Yet even before WWII a “holocaust” and “sacrifice of Six Million Jews was being written about.

All of which may explain George W. Bush’s grandfather’s involvement with Brown Brothers Harriman in helping to finance Hitler’s rise to power. Just as it sheds light on the Rothschild’s being behind the building of the Israeli Knesset and Supreme Court.

Although the Rothschild and Bush families were working on different flanks, so to speak, both were playing their part in the same overall scheme. So while Prescott Bush may not have fully realised it at the time, his involvement in helping to finance Hitler led to WWII and may soon lead to another world war. Just as Albert Pike described in his letter to Giuseppe Mazzini over 130 years ago.

Red Square 2008: Empire in gestation?So what exactly have the Illuminati planned for the centuries ahead? I realise that’s a big question and I do not profess any powers of prophecy but a couple of proven indicators hint at where we may be heading.

First off will be the rise of a new global power. Not the so-called ‘New World Order’, which will be little more than a bad memory within a decade or so. Instead, we can expect to see the rise of a new world power like the British Empire at its zenith.

As mentioned in part one, Russian folklore told of three great empires that would mark mankind’s tenure on Earth. The first of these can be seen in quite obviously in the imperial might of ancient Rome. The next can be seen in the City of London when the British Empire was at its height.

While the third and final of these great empires, according to Russian folklore, will have Moscow at its hub.

However, the idea that Russia with Moscow at its centre will become the next dominant global power isn’t confined to Russian folklore alone. Christian mystic and teacher Rudolf Steiner spoke of much the same thing.

Steiner divided human history into epochs: Lemuria, Atlantis, Mesopotamia, Egypt and so on, right up to the modern age and beyond. Steiner taught that the penultimate epoch would have Moscow at its centre, just as London was until fairly recently and Rome was before that.

Moreover, according to Steiner in this penultimate epoch humanity’s ultimate destiny would be decided. For when Moscow is the centre of a pre-eminent global power, Steiner said that the forces of good and evil would meet in a final decisive struggle.

Despite its decline however, much of the British Empire’s residual power still remains in the City of London’s financial district. And in a sense, British imperial power has continued in the guise of America’s global hegemony and the oft-repeated Anglo-American “special relationship”.

Just as the power of ancient Rome lived on in Byzantium, the one-time capitol of the eastern half of the Roman Empire, vestiges of the British Empire continue today in the New American Century.

Nonetheless, its complete and final demise is fast approaching. In its place we can already see an emergent Russia laying the foundations for what will eventually become the mightiest of all global empires.

The signs are there for all to see. Not just in Russia’s rising economic confidence, or the growing number of its billionaires but in what has been described as the Next Great Game: Russia’s claim and proximity to the Arctic’s huge gas and oil deposits.

Gary Oldham as DraculaWhich brings us back to my encounter in St Petersburg.

Because the Illuminati secretly work to fulfil their schemes far in advance, I suspect the figure I encountered in St Petersburg was doing exactly that. In effect he was preparing the way for Illuminati power and influence in the centuries ahead.

Often the way the Illuminati work only becomes apparent in retrospect. Again, one is reminded of the Bush family and the Rothschilds whose work for the Nazis paved the way for the foundation of modern Israel.

Again the intrinsic paradoxes: how the assistance provided to the Nazis was later fulfilled in the birth of modern Israel. And how the persecution of Jews during WWII later translated into the persecution of modern day Palestinians.

Another more treacherous paradox is taking shape however. It can be seen in the way the powers that be and their subservient media are falling over themselves to promote a “multi-cultural society”. On the surface this may seem perfectly innocent but like the foundation of modern Israel it shrouds an altogether more sinister objective.

Treacherous Paradox

In laying the foundation for the next epoch, the Illuminati are preparing the way for an ideology to be used as a bulwark against spiritual growth. Because spiritual evolution is now the road forward for humanity and the chief means of undermining Illuminati power, they will do their utmost to prevent it.

To this end another treacherous paradox is unfolding and the seeds are already being sown for an ideology that will be instrumental in this.

It is no accident that Barack Obama has been hailed as America’s first Black” president (although he’s actually mixed race) on the eve of what will become World War III. Nor is it any coincidence that the mainstream media has been relentlessly promoting miscegenation and the “multi-cultural” society in the run-up to what early Christian prophets foresaw as the Apocalypse.

Both are part of the Illuminati’s long-term agenda that will manifest in the coming centuries. For when the dust has settled and future generations look back: what will they see?

Beyond a cataclysmic conflict that will completely overshadow the last two world wars, they will see in the run-up to it a relentless drive to promote miscegenation and a “multi-cultural” society.

Looking over archived footage future generations will see clear evidence of racial quotas in media campaigns wherein racial diversity is presented as an ideal. Where the likes of Benetton’s adverts have become a cultural benchmark.

Of course most of those involved in this are blind to the real agenda. But then that is how the Illuminati always work: their power is founded on others ignorance.

Female cadets, Red Square 2008: grandmothers of the empire?It’s almost as if future generations are meant to see this drive to a “multi-cultural” society as contributing to the coming cataclysm. For that is how it will appear to those looking back from a future Russia; which unlike America and much of Western Europe will still be overwhelmingly white as it rises from the devastation.

In short the Illuminati are preparing the ground for an ideology with a potential to be supremely racist, an ideology that could well take root and flower in the next prevailing global power.

Please note however that I am not saying that this WILL HAPPEN. Nothing is written in stone. What the Illuminati are doing is preparing a future POTENTIAL, which can then be manipulated and exploited as and when necessary. Just as the Zionists today profit both politically and financially from the Holocaust.

Moreover, I not saying that racial intermixing is necessarily bad, after all I come from a mixed race background. However, even the most apolitical of my own family are beginning to express disquiet over the way miscegenation is being promoted so subtly and yet so relentlessly.

Nowadays those who express such misgivings are invariably branded as “racists”, particularly if they are white. Just as those who raise legitimate questions about the Holocaust and the basis of Zionist power are routinely denounced as “anti-Semitic”.

In normal circumstances the miscegenation that has marked the last few decades would have happened slowly and gently over many millennia. So in historical terms it seems we are being driven at breakneck speed toward a racial melting pot, almost like a car crash. At least that is how it will appear to those looking back in the aftermath of cataclysmic conflict from an all-powerful and almost exclusively white Russia.

Events in the United States, or what remains of it, will only reinforce this perception.

Emerging from catastrophic upheaval, the U.S. will likely fragment into a series of independent regions. In fact some Russian analysts are already predicting as much. In effect North America will disintegrate into a series of smaller nations likely to be founded on cultural and ethnic lines and this, in turn, will only emphasize the impression in Russia that miscegenation is harmful and feed a burgeoning sense of racial superiority.

So the seeds are being sown.

Finally, I should add that I do not think that Russia will assume its imperial destiny just yet. Although in the years and decades ahead it may begin to flex its muscles, it may not be another century or so before its global sovereignty becomes obvious.

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