Jesus and Mary as Vulgar Comedy in the Holy Land

Considering the wailing-and-gnashing-of-teeth drama to which the entire world was recently subjected as a result of Bp Richard Williamson’s refusal to accept as gospel truth Jewish claims concerning that “sancta sanctorum” known as the Holocaust, one would assume that a television program featuring Jesus as a fat, balding, Jonathon Pollard look-alike and his mother Mary as a Sarah Silverman act-alike should have made headline news all around the world, not only for its outrage but as well for its obvious hypocrisy.

And indeed it would have made headline news and ESPECIALLY had the Picassos responsible for this masterpiece in anti-Christian vulgarity been Muslims. As luck would have it however the program in question was not the brainchild of Imams, jihadists, Iranian president Ahmadinejhad nor Osama Bin Laden. Nor did the highly-offensive program air in Iran, Syria, Pakistan or any other Muslim enclave said by Jewish interests to be devoted to Christianity’s “utter destruction”.

Rather, it aired in the country said to be–not only the headquarters of God himself but as well, Christianity’s bestest buddy in the whole wide world, Israel. In addition to polluting the air waves of the land made holy by the life and death of Jesus Christ, the said piece was also written, produced and directed by Jews who–claiming their typical divine right of kings–used it as an opportunity in defaming not only Jesus Christ but as well the woman held by 2.5 billion Christians and Muslims to be the purest woman ever created, His mother Mary.

Airing February 18th on Israel’s Channel 10, a skit entitled “Like A Virgin” was run on popular late-night comedian Lior Shlein’s program to predictably raucous, rowdy applause. In addition to classical paintings of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, it also featured a line-up of sexual gratification devices said to have been used by the mother of Jesus along with a montage of other scenes characterizing her more like the foul-mouthed Hollywood Jewess Sarah Silverman than as the saintly woman revered and loved by Christians and Muslims. With the typically-insolent tone all-too-common these days among Jewish supremacists who know they have nothing to fear from an emasculated Christian world held prisoner by Jewish money, media and the threat of nuclear annihilation, Shlein the Swine’s shtick proceeded as follows–

“You hear every week someone new denying the holocaust, whether it is a Cardinal, patriarch, bishop, priest or some boy molested by the other members of the group, they deny it. Well, instead of getting mad I decided to get even and mention Christianity. Yes, I’m not kidding, they must be taught a lesson and this is what we are going to do now…”

“Tonight we’re going to mention some things the church has taught. Christians tell you that Mary the mother of Jesus was a virgin but this isn’t true…The proof of that is very simple–John the Baptist used to surprise her when he would put his 2 fingers near the top of her thigh and she never jumped or flinched. In addition to that, if she was really a virgin she would not have shown off her dildos every night when she was with Josephus Flavius…”

“The truth is that Mary got pregnant when she was 15 by her classroom boyfriend…Her parents wanted to put her in the convent, but since Jesus wasn’t born yet and there was no Christianity, there was no convent and so her parents left her in a soccer stadium where she spent a hot night in a hotel with the Canaan Club…”(?)

“Christians say that Jesus used to walk on water in the Sea of Galilee but this is not true. Jesus was very fat and too ashamed to leave the house in his swim suit and go to the sea of Galilee. Starting at the age of 3 he started eating sacred bread and wound up one of those fat boys. He spent all his life trying to lose weight and for him every supper was the last supper. He was always saying “On Sunday I will start my diet” which is why Sunday is a sacred day for Christians…”

Of course those not familiar with the typically Jewish business of dealing with the memory of Jesus as insolently as Israel’s forefathers dealt with Him violently, the obvious question is “Why?”. Why would they–the “light among nations” and “God’s chosen people” do such a thing when the golden rule these days is “tolerance” for other religions? In a day and age when so much effort has been put in convincing Christians of their duty in going and fighting the enemies of the Jewish state on the premise that Jews and Christians are “kissing cousins” why the “sudden betrayal”?

Well, the answer given by Shlein was simple–revenge, and in particular because certain ideas held sacred by God‘s chosen people concerning the particulars of what they consider to be the main pillar of Jewish religiosity (Jewish suffering that culminated in the Holocaust) had been “disrespected” weeks earlier with the skepticism of one Bp. Richard Williamson.
One can just imagine the resulting noise pollution to which the tired, fragile ears of humanity, sick of all the constant Jewish shrieking over “this and that” would have been subjected if instead of being a Jewish program blaspheming Jesus and Mary it was a Gentile program featuring the “Joan of Arc” of Holocaustianity–Anne Frank–as she displayed the kinds of sexual toys with which she pleasured herself when she was not busy hopping from bed to bed with Nazi guards. Likewise with any of the great patriarchs of the modern state of Israel such as Theodore Herzl being depicted as some lying, money-grubbing, child-molester with lice running through his beard. Like some deadly plague sent by the Old Testament deity Yahweh angry that His favorite people had been mistreated, a giant tidal wave of hissing, cursing and threats would erupt from the Jewish world from every corner with the same kind of madness as recently took place following the calm, measured comments of one Bp Richard Williamson who has learned by trial and error that the boy who cries wolf cannot be believed anymore.

As can be expected however, Jewish groups (yes, the very same ones constantly lecturing the rest of the non-Jewish world on moral issues such as ‘tolerance’ and ‘sensitivity’ for others’ beliefs) have had absolutely nothing to say concerning this most recent demonstration of the nastiest and most well-funded/well-organized form of “anti-Semitism” alive today–meaning the institutionalized hatred for Jesus Christ by Jewish interests. The ADL, dedicated to fighting ‘hate and bigotry’ and whose director Abe Foxman never misses an opportunity in getting his big beak in front of any tv camera he can find whenever someone dares delineate the organic hatred for all things Christian on the part of organized Jewish groups has been as silent as death on the matter. Likewise with all the other ‘High Priests’ of Jewish moralizing such as Eli Weisel et al. But then, why should anyone be surprised at this, since it was Abe Foxman himself who was nightly fair in the days and weeks leading up to the release of Mel Gibsons’s Passion of the Christ and who predicted a new holocaust was right around the corner if such a movie favorable to Jesus Christ were released for public viewing?

Thus far the only Christian entity (outside the Middle East itself) voicing even mild protest is the Vatican, which is said to be “irked” at the blasphemous depiction of Jesus and Mary. This from an organization whose influence over her flock at one time was so fearsome that presidents, prime ministers and princes dared not get sideways with the Bishop of Rome for fear of the power of his word. When considering the embarrassing, ridiculous lengths traversed by not only Pope Benedict XVI but the entire Vatican apparatus in trying to ameliorate the anger of worldwide Jewry over the comments of Bp Williamson, compared to the limp-wristed protest over the blaspheming of Christianity’s two most-important persons, it is obvious now that there is more worry over offending the Jews than there is over the disrespect shown to Jesus and His mother. All the other “heavy hitters’ out there, including but not limited to the infamous John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Rod Parsley et al have offered no condemnations over the skit and have refused to comment on it after being contacted by this reporter.

By contrast, Muslims worldwide are outraged over such blasphemous depictions. Organized groups throughout the entire world have reacted to this latest blasphemy with the same emotion as took place with the infamous cartoons published in Europe disrespectful to the prophet Mohammed. Hezbollah, which fought Israel in a 33 day war during the summer of 2006 and credited with driving Jewish forces out of Lebanon was the first organized entity to issue a statement condemning the program. In an interview with Iran’s Press TV, Hezbollah called it ‘a grave offense against a holy messenger of God’, adding that “It was not surprising to see the Zionists broadcasting such sacrilegious material, given their history, which is filled with the massacre of prophets, destruction of mosques and churches and offensive behavior toward Islamic and Christian sanctities.’ Truer words have never been spoken.

As already mentioned, the “inspiration” for this disgusting, grotesque display of raw Jewish hatred for the sanctity of Jesus and His mother is said to be an exercise in “tit-for-tat”, meaning revenge on the part of God’s chosen people whose collective nose was rubbed raw by the comments of one individual–Bp Williamson–and the refusal on the part of his boss–the Catholic Church–to burn him at the stake as the Jews demanded. What this displays is that the virtue of “turning the other cheek” obviously has no merit amongst those who live by the maxim “an eye for an eye” and who will hear nothing of “rising above it all”, but instead insist upon wallowing in the sewer of hatred and vengeance for all enemies of the Jewish state, real or contrived.

The fact is though that there is more to this recent event than simple revenge on the part of some sexually-obsessed degenerate Jewish comedian who wears his hair like Bozo the clown. And although of vital importance in the greater scheme of things. It is not likely to be brought up at the next AIPAC meeting when for-the-most-part Christians in America are fleeced of their economic and political power in feeding a beast that will likely one day devour them, literally as well as figuratively.

In the first case, whatever denouncements that may (stress, MAY) come from any organized Jewish groups (in addition to being affected and without any substance) will at the same time be tempered with the defense similar to the one used in perpetrating the most recent holocaust against the Palestinians (Christian and Muslim) in Gaza, namely that the offending program was just the natural outcome of all the “persecutions” endured by Jews at the hands of Christian anti-Semites for millions and millions and millions of years.
Secondly, what will be assiduously avoided is any discussion of the fact that the most recent blaspheming against Jesus and His mother was not an aberration or accident by any means. Nor will there be any talk of the fact that the particulars of the blasphemous statements made against them have a traceable, verifiable, predictable source, in this case the ultimate “book of hate” known as the Talmud, considered Judaism’s holiest book. Despite assertions by certain Jewish groups that it is but a “harmless collection” of opinions about various things as innocuous as what kind of literature a Jew is allowed to read while on the toilet, (or, in the case of the now-infamous rabbis of Neturei Karta that the Talmud is a book of “peace and love”) the truth is that the inspiration for such ideas featured on the recent Israeli program were lifted right out of its pages. Desperate to cast Judaism’s greatest nemesis in the worst possible light, within the pages of this work Jesus is referred to as a sorcerer and sexual deviant and his mother Mary as a prostitute who conceived Him while menstruating. Gloating over his death and the fact that it was the Jews who were responsible for causing it, it also consigns Jesus to an eternity in hell where He remains in a vat of boiling excrement for the unforgivable sin of opposing the rabbis of His day.

In short, would be a mistake for Christian supporters of Israel who have bought into the farcical notion that Jews and Christians are “mostly the same” to assume this latest outrage was an oddity of sorts. The only thing “odd” about it is that it does not happen with more frequency, given Judaism’s historic and organic hatred for all things Christian.

However (and particularly for those who underwent some sort of sick pleasure from this latest blasphemy) all can be rest assured it certainly will not be the last. As Israel becomes more sure of herself and more confident of the fact that she has the Christian world by the short hairs she will drop the mask bit by bit and reveal herself for what she truly is and always was–the institutionalization of anti-Christianity.

When once confronting His enemies, Jesus exclaimed that “out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks”, and with regards to this latest display of raw, distilled Jewish vulgarity for the persons of Jesus Christ and His mother (as well as the absence of any outrage on the part of the Jewish community over it) what all persons can rightly assume is that it is but the tip of an iceberg that remains carefully hidden below the waterline…for now.

In the meantime, Christians should come to grips with what is already known by the Muslim world in toto–that by its very nature there can be no ‘peaceful co-existence’ with a religion such as Judaism that holds all other religions with utter hostility. In the case of Jewish “respect” for other faiths (and in particular those of Christianity and Islam) it is a case of “kill or be killed” and the sooner Christians realize this fact the safer from defamation will be the persons of their faith they hold most dear.

(c) 2009 Mark Glenn