Confessed Cannibal Charged with Murder

BERLIN (Reuters) – German prosecutors say a man who confessed to killing and eating another man has been charged with murder and will face trial.

Prosecutors in Kassel charged the 41-year-old man with murder for killing a 43-year-old man in March 2001, apparently with his victim`s consent. They said he carved up and froze portions of the flesh.

The man had confessed to killing and eating his victim, prosecutors said. His December arrest in the central town of Rotenburg attracted massive media attention.

Prosecutors said the man considered it sexually stimulating to cut his victim`s body into pieces and then later watch a film he had made of his crime.

“Based on the investigations, prosecutors believe that the accused mainly wanted to cut a human being into pieces to be able to eat him later and he considered the victim`s killing as a `necessary evil`,” Kassel prosecutors said in a statement on Thursday.

The accused had met his victim through the Internet, they said. The accused remained in custody, and prosecutors said it was not clear when the trial would begin.

The lawyer of the accused was not immediately available for comment.

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