Self-Promotion by the World’s Richest Despot Knows No Bounds

Walk down any street in a UK city, especially London, and you can’t fail to notice how many streets and roads are named after the monarchy throughout history. Also notice how many building, libraries, museums ,art galleries, theatres and a myriad of other government buildings are also named after the British monarchy. What is worst of all is, that you cannot even go for a pint without noticing so many watering holes are ALSO named after them as well.

What has happened in the UK makes Saddam Hussein’s self promotion pale by comparison. We have the biggest and richest despot across the globe promoted along with her masonic minders who adorn the streets of London in a never ending display of bronze statues all of them atop masonic phallic symbols and monoliths who were the commanders and generals that carried out the battles and atrocities that created the British empire. Whether its in the British corporate newspapers, TV or radio there is a never ending stream of images of the British Royals parading around doing bugger all but smile at how lucky they are to be so rich having thieved all of their wealth from the victims of their utter tyranny. For added impact they put royal images alongside REAL stars of stage,screen and music to create the illusion that they have some sort of talent , apart from being descendants and inheritors of the biggest rogues and mobsters the world has ever seen .

They have protected themselves by ensuring their judicial lackeys, who are all high level masons , and control British civil courts were daily thousands of families are being destroyed and thrown onto the street and makes Hitler’s Gestapo pale by comparison. At least the media made sure we knew about that tyranny. However Britain is living under the most draconian court process’s that make even the star chambers of the middle ages look like places you could have got justice in.

We are in contact with thousands of victims of the British crown and its massive theft of land,property and assets via their evil and corrupt judges who fail time and again to provide us with JURIES , the only sure way of protecting us from a system of law and order that is as corrupt as any third world junta across the globe. Their propaganda machine, the BBC Big Brother Censorship, have been EXPERT at protecting their tyranny while broadcasting human rights abuses from far flung areas of the world. While just along the road from the BBC Bush house in the Strand the Royal Courts of Justice daily destroy the many families caught up in their legal vortex.

Britains corporate media have been aiding and abetting a draconian system for far to long and sweeping their evil abuses under the carpet. Only for the internet NO ONE could believe just how evil this system has been at controlling the wealth and power that remains in the hands of the very few, who happen to have the biggest arsenals in the world protecting them , while their media constantly remind us about taking GUNS off the street. You will NEVER see Lizzie without armed guards at ALL of her massive mansions and castles across the UK while her judicial lackeys steal ALL OUR HOMES in their dens of masonic iniquity.While we have been stripped of ALL means to protect our own assets from her judicial mafia.

She remains the richest despot across the globe ,despite what the papers say, owning ONE SIXTH of the worlds land mass while British citizens remain utterly impoverished and indebted and NOTHING like the images the BBC creates to persuade us otherwise.

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