The Absolutely Fake Beheading of James Foley

Nodisinfo — via Rebel News August 24, 2014

Still no blood, despite the killer sawing with a blade across the carotid artery, as well as the jugular vein

No blood, despite the killer sawing with a blade across the carotid artery, as well as the jugular vein

In a rather sophisticated effort the video of James Foley was clearly faked. One clue to the degree of the fake is the intermission in the video. The most gruesome part, where the blood flows after the severing of the carotid arteries, along with the jugular veins, was shut from view. A number of Internet posters observed this, particularly the erudite George Fr. Why cut that part out of the video, since it would act as confirmation that this was a real act? That is, why do so unless there was an attempt to disguise this?
From the beginning the video appears to be a fraud, for instance, when noting the way Foley and also the fraudulent executioner are speaking. Foley is speaking matter-of-fact, as if he is speaking in a studio: completely relaxed, uninvolved. The fake executioner also speaks in a matter-of-fact, emotion-free manner.
It must be said that the arch-Zionist criminals did make a significant effort with the entire affair, in particular through the falsified imagery. To many people it did appear significantly real, considering that the man in question does look like James Foley and the final image, the one with the ‘severed’ head, has a degree of realism.
There is also the presumed act of severing. It looks like a real knife being used to cut through the neck. No no such cutting can be seen. Nor is the expected flow of blood from the severing noticeable. Not even a drop of blood flows from the area of the presumed severing down through the forces of gravity the neck. Nor does any blood spurt onto the shirt of the ‘victim’ nor on the hands and knife of the ‘executioner.’
Just how it was done is yet to be confirmed. Yet, as clearly seen, here, despite the obvious knife action back-and-forth no blood is spilled. Nor is there any blood on the man’s hands – not a spot. This is despite the fact that the knife appears to be severing human flesh. A paper cut produces more blood than this.
With the image lightened up despite several back-and-forth sawing motions there is no bleeding of any kind, not even a drop, a physical impossibility. Nor is there even the slightest degree of alteration in the anatomy of the region. There are no cut wounds of any kind. Surely, then, this throat cutting is a fake.
As noted by one of our posters:
“* Where’s the blood? Not only is there no blood after six or seven saws against the neck when blood almost ALWAYS gushes immediately after one or two saws.
“* In the final shot, the blood on the ground is a mere trickle compared to the giant 3-foot in diameter pool of blood almost ALWAYS visible around the gaping new wound.
“* At the very end, when the gentleman terrorist is showing off the next victim, his hands are perfectly clean, like he just got back from a manicure. There is no blood from the beheading he presumably just performed.”
WARNING: FAKE GRAPHIC IMAGES – The images appear graphic, but they are not. It was all staged. Therefore, do not become too nauseated as a result of the fake.
The head looks like it has been placed in a staged fashion. Additionally, while there was no blood spilling while the neck. How could there be not a drop of blood spilling from the strongly pumping arteries and also the veins in the neck, yet, the face and head are ‘covered’ with red material?

jamesfoley fake1

It could be said that the face and head were tainted with blood from the bloody hands of the purported executioner. Yet, in this case there is no such blood on the man’s hands. With the image lightened with color contrast a revelation occurs. It appears that the red material has been painted on and that, therefore, it is not blood at all.
Faked beheading. Click to enlarge

Faked beheading. Click to enlarge

This is rather than blood mere paint. Note the brush stroke-like elements on the forehead. There s a large brush stroke-like element over the bridge of the nose and also on he right cheek. Too, the eyes do not look normal. He doesn’t appear to have real ones. This appears to be staged, possibly with a silicone and/or wax head in imitation of Mr. Foley.
What about the blood and the knife? Clearly, these, too, have been staged. For maximum terror the knife was included in the imagery, as is the pool of red liquid. Yet, is it really the pattern of bleeding that would be expected from such an act? In fact, there is no such pattern. There is a full lack of arterial spurting. Too. the blood is not the right color. It is not bright red arterial blood. Nor is it mixed with a variant color, which is the darker colored venous blood. Rather, it is all one color, meaning this is fake blood, fully staged.
People won’t say anything, because they are afraid of offending the sensibilities. Yet, in this case there is no issue of such sensibilities to offend. This is because it is all a stage and there is no real beheading of any kind. It would appear, then, that this is a latex dummy with a likeness of Foley. It is not a real corpse.
There is another element of hard proof of the fraud. This is the pattern of distribution of the red liquid. In this regard there is no arterial spray of any kind. Instead, there is mere a pool of red liquid – fake blood – dumped on the ground. It is staged, though, to make it appear as if it is from the severing of the head. The head was largely severed while the man (or dummy) was standing. How could the blood end up in what is basically one convenient place?

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