Islamic Extremism and the Money Trail

Rebel of Oz — August 25, 2014


Who are those evil Muslim extremists that scare people all around the world? Why are they acting in such weird medieval and cruel manner? The Muslims I know personally are not like that at all. They dress, talk and act like everyone else. They send their children to the best schools and universities they can afford in the US, UK or Australia, boys and girls alike. They watch Hollywood movies and TV without getting angry over the hidden propaganda. They go on holidays to Disneyland and shop at the same popular Jew shops and eat the same food like everyone else.

So who are those bearded Muslims in their medieval costumes that you see on photos and videos seemingly shooting and beheading Christians and fellow Muslims, or calling for the Sharia law to be introduced all over the world? How do they finance themselves? After all, it costs a lot of money to give up your job to become a Jihadist, buy weapons and ammunition, train, and go to war against well-armed governments.

The Muslims I know, even if they wanted, wouldn’t be able to spend that much money on such an expensive hobby. They are busy paying off their credit cards and mortgages, sending their kids to the highest ranked school and university that will admit them, pay for their weddings and the deposit on their first homes. After that’s done they are busy saving for their retirement, buy shares and investment homes. Yes, they don’t like what the Americans and Israelis are doing in the Middle-East, but that doesn’t stop them from working for a Jewish controlled American multinational corporation or predator bank. All they care about is what’s best for their families.

No rich Muslim who is able to spare a few millions here and there would give it to a bunch of screwed up weirdo extremists who believe that Allah wants them to force Western Christians to convert to Islam or behead them. Even in the highly unlikely case that he sympathised with their cause, he wouldn’t dare to support them, because he and his family have too much to lose if he gets caught financing terrorists.

There is only one sensible explanation why Saudi billionaire families such as the Bin Ladens, with very good friends inside the Western ‘elite’, would finance Al-Qaeda, ISIS and extremist clerical organisations so that they can run Mosques and Koran schools all over the world to brainwash young, poor, uneducated and disgruntled young Muslims with radical Islamist positions. That is because the Americans, British or Israelis ask them to do so, guarantee them indemnity and promise big favours in return.

Western governments ask their superrich Muslim business partners to finance Muslim extremists to create the pretexts needed to pressure Muslim governments around the world to allow Western controlled multinationals plunder their countries’ assets or – if they don’t comply – intervene militarily. They make them perform barbaric acts of cruelty to terrorise Western sheeple into supporting Western military action. The aim is to create the conditions for the creation of a ‘Greater Israel’, that controls the entire Middle East.

The recent string of atrocities performed by ISIS, some fake, some real, including the quickly debunked alleged beheading of American photo journalist James Wright Foley, fall exactly into that category. Media and churches all over the West are spreading outrage among Western citizens to an extent that more and more of them are now calling for an intervention of some form. They don’t want necessarily an Afghanistan and Iraq style US and UK lead international invasion and occupation, but they are quite happy for the American, British or Israeli government to bomb the hell out whoever they claim to be the terrorists.

Give it a couple more really bad atrocities on Christians by ISIS or a 9/11 style false flag attack, Western sheeple will be ready for yet another ‘humanitarian intervention’, especially if their beloved Israel is under threat. This would work really well for our jewified Western elites, because they would rather see Christian soldiers die for the fulfillment of the 100 year old Zionist vision of a Greater Israel than far more valuable Jewish soldiers. Once the Middle East is conquered and security restored, the region will be handed over to Israel ‘for administration only’ who will happily comply, not without being nicely compensated by Western taxpayers for its selfless but costly effort.

Islamic extremism is a creation of Jewish dominated Western foreign policy. Its sole purpose is to create the conditions for a total Western takeover of the Middle Eastern oil reserves via its proxy ‘Greater Israel’. Once created, Jewish world domination will be complete. If we want to stop Muslim Extremism we must follow the money trail. Punish the people who fund it on behalf of the Anglo-Judean Axis of Greed. Freeze their assets in Western countries, harass their families, and hunt them down all over the world. Once arrested give them the same kind of treatment as the poor bastards caged in Guantanamo Bay. Or if you can’t get to them, blow them into pieces with Israeli made killer drones.