The Howdy Doody President

I’m sure there are some readers who feel that I accentuate the negative over the positive in my postings here. My answer would be, “Do you want me to lie to you?” I’m not trying to get you to sleep with me. A lot of you can accomplish that without my help. Sometimes I feel like I’m in one of those zombie movies that I don’t watch because I am too busy avoiding the zombies in the street. Some things are very clear to me and they are clear to others as well. This gives me a confirmation about what I am seeing. I cannot understand why so many more people cannot see what is happening. I have to assume that it is because they are seeing what they want to see because reality doesn’t jibe with their plans for the future.

People pretend that something is other than what it is because they think that is going to influence the outcome. Maybe they’ve read about positive thinking or visualization. Maybe they’ve got Nom-Myoho-Renge-Kyo playing in the back of their heads or they’ve been having a liquid lunch with Louise Hay. I’m all for the power of positive thinking. I employ it on a regular basis but… I’m against pissing in my own ear and telling myself its rain.

I believe that if you lie to yourself then you are certain to lie to others. It might make you popular with a larger segment of the population. It might put you on the rubber chicken glad-handing circuit and maybe you get to sit on the couch with Oprah but the last thing we need any more of is beautiful liars who won’t see what’s in front of them and don’t mind taking others along for the ride. It’s exactly that kind of mentality that got you where you are today …and you want more?

Nadya Suleman is the poster girl for where Western Culture is at today. For all of the great things we could be up to and inquiring after, Fox News has the larger audience because it reduces everything to the basest and most common denominator. There’s a price for this and you can see what that price is by paying attention to what is disappearing. It’s that simple. If ever a culture needed a bitch-slapping it’s the one we’re afflicted with today. You will wake up or you will be woken up and your sugar plums are going to turn into Umeboshi plums with a Natal plum garnish.

I may like them but Umeboshi plums do not taste good on a deformed palate and Natal plum will stick you good. Nature has a way of telling you when something is wrong and it is called, ‘pain’. What you’ll do is look for an allopathic, pharmaceutical solution. What you’ll do is drink and deny. What you’ll do is try to escape but since it is a part of you, I am curious about where you think you’ll go without it tagging along. You can’t fix something by treating the symptoms but that’s what you want to do. You want to suppress the information that is telling you… you have to change your style.

Now you have a president who looks good. He talks good. He put the same people who created the present mess in charge of cleaning it up AND he’s got a Blackberry. I see a lot of foxes with smiles on their faces and a big chicken shortage. Obama sure does like to drop Lincoln’s name… no surprise there. He’s a Howdy Doody president and he’s dancing to the same strings that you are which is why you’re all in sync with being out of sync.

In the meantime you won’t be hearing about any of those annoying questions concerning that airplane crash in Buffalo. Just scroll down the list at What Really Happened and consider the curious questions being asked by people who aren’t performing as extras in the Day of the Triffids. Real news tastes a lot like Umeboshi plums but you’ll feel better after, even if it doesn’t go down as well as a sugar plum.

You want your system fixed? You want your world to operate with a semblance of order so that you can be industrious and enjoy the fruits of your labor? Eliminate the Federal Reserve. Put the right people in jail and take their money. Demand that a certain special interest group register as an agent of a foreign power. Support war crimes trials and do not purchase any product that has 729 on the bar code. That’s a start. That will do more for fixing the mess you are in than all of the gratuitous band aids on sucking chest wounds that are presently being employed. How come I know this and they don’t? Am I smarter than them? No… I’m honest and you should find the stones to be honest too.

You’ve been emasculated by banal entertainments and impossible dreams in a mechanical rabbit chase. The rabbit doesn’t get a carrot and neither do you. This rabbit doesn’t even eat carrots …and you’re not going to eat carrots any more than you’re going to eat Umeboshi plum are you? Sometimes the bitter pill is the one that will save your ass.

Don’t look at Obama. Look at who Obama is listening to. Look at the people Obama put into a position to tell him what is happening. Iran hasn’t attacked another nation in about a thousand years. How many assaults on near defenseless nations have been launched by the country most vocal about attacking Iran? Is this not the same nation that lied America into an assault on Afghanistan and Iraq? How did that work out? How deceived are you? To quote Browning; “Let me count the ways” “To the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach”. Yeah, I’m picking on you again. I’m picking on Barack. I can’t get my ‘feel good’ on so I’m taking it out on you.

Over two years ago I told you what was going to happen to your economy. I’m not the Lone Ranger in that regard but rather one of a few. I’m telling you today that when what they intend for Iran happens in a couple or few short months that it’s going to be far more gruesome still. This is how they fix things. They start wars. They start wars to cover their asses… to distract the masses and to make the same kind of coin they were making when they were stealing everything you had… before they put the same people in charge of cleaning up the mess. You get to be the squeegee head at the end of the mop handle.

You just don’t seem to want to learn so it happens again and again and again. Keep your eye on Howdy Doody and pay no attention to the men behind the curtain. You’re going to learn this time. This time you are going to take to the streets because you may well already be living on them or one step away.

“It’s Howdy Doody time. It’s Howdy Doody time. It’s Howdy Doody time.” Buffalo Bob is played by Rahm Emanuel and Clarabelle the Clown is played by, “I’m a Zionist” Joe Biden. The gangs all here, maybe it’s time for Woody Willow too. Does it matter which puppet they use? Cartoon characters are climbing up out of the sidewalks and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is coming out of the speakers. Feet are tapping while the lyrics are ignored. Conditions are noted while the causes are ignored. The pain is medicated while the origin’s ignored. All eyes are focused on the cell phone screen in the secret masturbation of the teenage girls we’ve become. The leg rocks up and down in steady rhythm as we dream of Prince Charming when we are actually Little Red Riding Hood. You get a different result when the fairy tale is real unless you’re reading the Brothers Grimm.

Go ahead… I can’t stop you. Dr. Feelgood is on the phone. Humanity… so much promise. All that hard work that we did and it has come to this? I know I just said this yesterday but it’s the same today. I’m not letting go of my faith in you. I’m not letting you go down without annoying you every step of the way. If that’s negative then so be it. If you will just join arms with your equally abused friends and neighbors there are no amount of puppets that can maintain this world as a vampires feeding ground. You have the power. They have only the illusion.

No matter what you may do or not do… the greatest thing you can do is to be aware. Merely by seeing and recognizing you unleash more garlic and holy water than you will ever need. See… recognize and declare “citoyen j’accuse.”

And we all could be Free
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