Voice of the White House February 12, 2009

“I have just read through a long ms from an investigative journalist of considerable experience and veracity, concerning the alleged “wreck of the SS New York” and a large collection of very rare American coins she might have been carrying. He alleges that while such a ship may have sunk, there wss no such reported storm as the one that allegedly sank her and that initial investigation of portions of an unidentified wreck were not conclusive to her origin. He said the story had been based on a minor discovery and subsequently used as the basis for proving the origins of a flood of rare American gold coins, unfortunately for the collecting world, now being minted in China.. The convenient legend was based on the finding of the SS Central America, off the Atlantic coast, a ship that did carry a large consignment of very rare gold coins. In addition to the flood of stories, all from coin dealers, of what he says with some humor is a “rare coin discovery” that will grow and grow, like Mel Fischer’s “Spanish” coin discoveries the sold huge numbers of modern casts to gullible customers. The author of this manuscript says further that a Chinese government mint has been “cranking out” tens of thousands of counterfeit older American coins for the unsuspecting American coin collectors. He says that these coins are: Morgan silver dollars of every year and mint, gold U.S. Indian head $2.50, $5.00 and $10 denominations and, of course, the coins purported to have been fished up from the Gulf of Mexico. His contention is that by doing this the Chinese government is knowingly counterfeiting American coinage. In addition to the “rare early gold coins,” the Chinese are also counterfeiting the popular Morgan silver dollars to include every year of manufacture and every mint. The way a collector can determine the originality of a suspected piece is to weigh it. In order to increase their profits, the Chinese are striking these counterfeits out of silver and gold that are well below the carats of the original. For example, a gold coin would be struck of 10 carat gold and then plated with 23 carat gold to have the proper tone. The weight, however, is less than the originals. The same condition is to be found in the fake Morgan coins which are of a lesser purity and so, like the gold, weigh less. According to the manuscript, the number of these coins, rare discoveries or common silver dollars, is in the hundreds of thousands and given the publicity puff pieces fed to an unsuspecting media, a wonderful source of welcome dollars to China and numerous middlemen. And where, by the way, did Bernie Madoff hide his billions? I think the legions of those he swindled would like to know and further, would like our government to get it back for them”

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