Men Who Get Women — July 1, 2018

getFulfillment for a man comes from discovering what he was born to do, and doing it. God has given every man a mission. A man becomes a man when he finally believes in himself, and doesn’t  put any man or woman above him. These men don’t need women, except to help them fulfill their mission. They are the real men real women want.

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — updated from Feb 9, 2009

Like a Zen Koan, men who get women don’t need them and don’t want them. They aren’t pretending. They don’t want them and they don’t need them.
Test this formula in reverse. Are women attracted to men who adore them? Temporarily maybe. But ultimately, women don’t want to be idealized. They want to be seen and loved for whom they really are. A real woman is somewhat passive by nature. She looks to her husband to give her purpose. So she doesn’t want to be HIS purpose.
This wisdom has come too late to help me. In spite of being bright and relatively successful, I squandered my romantic life as the poster boy for needy. I was programmed by the mass media and education to regard sex and love, especially sex, as the prerequisite for my personal development. I was taught that these were the highest experiences life had to offer. In other words, I was inducted into an occult secular religion which required …. a woman.



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