Kismet Cowboys and Cryptic Digressions

Visible Origami — August 20, 2014

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Greetings one and all. Well, I’m back where I was before this whole recent episode started. I knew I would be in any case, around this time, because of an important and most welcome piece of business which closes the Italian chapter of this life, though for me it’s been closed for several years, ever since the hyper dimensional experience that took place there. Man! Have I had an exciting life or what? I learned something with this latest foray into the land of Visible the Perpetual Ingenue. I learned I’m not 18 anymore. Large parts of myself just don’t take the aging process seriously. I get about like a youth (or I did- and will again). I think like a youth with certain benefits. I could continue the examples but you know what I mean.
Eventually one has to face up to certain realities, at least until the transformation goes down. I fully expect some of us to become consecrated immortals. I’m sure Sovereignty would agree with that as would Ray B. and some others; don’t usually make reader mentions in the posts but I don’t like setting fixed behavior patterns. When you don’t know much of anything for sure, it is a requirement (at least for me) to operate with latitude till the ineffable alters the course. I pray that finds a more gentle expression in coming days. Still, I don’t regret any of it. Usually, the only time I have regret is when I behave badly and my behavior has been exemplary through this year. That is a kind of consistency that I have lacked in former times, both intentionally and unintentionally. Once again, when you don’t know a great many things with an observable certainty, you’re going to make mistakes. In any case, it is far better to make mistakes than it is to sidestep life.
One of the maxims of my life is that those who love much are forgiven much. That makes sense if God is Love and I’ve heard that said many times. I also believe if enough people think something is true it might become true, especially if it is already true. I much prefer to say, “I believe” rather than, “I know.” It’s not easy to correct the habits of a lifetime and that is why, preferably, one should start on their way early, rather than come to the realization late in the day. Of course, if your course is charted like Saul of Tarsus or any of the other Kismet Cowboys that doesn’t apply. I don’t know how real the story of that cat is because all scripture is tainted by both demonic and human intrusion in pursuit of agenda. I should include one caveat however. Regardless of whatever convolutions and twisting of the scripture there may be, the truth can be found and the direction indicated for those whose hearts are right. If your heart’s not right, it doesn’t matter whether the truth is twisted or not because you are twisted and even if there are no funhouse mirrors it looks that way… anyway …but… not necessarily as it would with a finer discrimination; meaning you are given insight into the nature of what deceives you.
I am truly impressed by the breathless unpredictability of the forces at work in my life. They seem more whimsical than the wind at the moment; plots and circumstances shift without warning, changing the potential for expression at every level. Are these appearances real indicators or are they tests upon my perceptions to see how I take it all? It can’t be serious action because there is no rhyme or reason to it in terms of the consistency of purpose. It’s got to be something else so… eyes open, and… right… heart open too. Might as well include the mind in that. Sooner or later clarity is going to ring the doorbell; archetypically (sp) speaking.
Drones to the left of me, drones to the right of me, out of the valley of drones we march in search of serenity. Water beads on the surface of flowers. Sunlight splinters through the tiny prisms of the drops. Light in refraction tells the tale of the colors of the world but gives no hint of the thorns concealed beneath the resonating beauty. This must be how a child sees it, prior to the recurrent contact that steals the innocence away. Argh me hearties there be a fortune ten paces north of the standing rock. Let my sea legs not betray me on this trek of an afternoon. Cryptic digression ends/
If I had been driving across America in this latest jaunt I’d be in Colorado now. I usually tended to wind up there coming and going for reasons great, small and unknown. One thing for certain; if you’ve been away from the US for any length of time you can never go back again because… what you left behind no longer exists. There is an argument that can be made that it didn’t exist then either …but the vast majority of us live according to the perception of appearances and that is as much as we know about anything, which adds up to (drum roll) not much.
Not much could well be the signature phrase of this information drenched age, where it is possible to accumulate vast amounts of fallacious information. These days, generally, what most people assume to be true, are conclusions based upon their self interest in search of justification. It’s sort of like the arguments for global warming. At the level of the generation of the idea are bankers and corporatists in search of profit. Down the ladder, you have the scientists who sign on to the fabrication as those who legitimize the concept. They are joined by media pundits who also ascribe to this fantasy and they are all well paid. If they had their way there would be laws against climate change denial.
Most all of the pre-fab information moving about is generated for one motive or another. Seldom seen is any singularity of higher intent. It’s all about the money and it doesn’t seem to matter what identity you seek to portray yourself through. The profit motive reigns supreme, as seen in Jesse Jackson’s attempt to pass the collection plate in Ferguson. It is unique in these times that Mr. Apocalypse is showing up so frequently and… I say this with the understanding that he is showing up far more than is reported. Expect more and more of it, with ever increasing degrees of intensity.
I just heard from a friend, one of the finest people I know and he told me about some terrible things that have happened to him in recent time, quite similar to my own, without the broken hip and all I could think was, the divine has some sort of purpose in all of this. There is a purpose to laying such suffering on good people, who in no way provoked what came down upon them. I can only think that it was no doubt the least the divine could do in the service of a higher calling. Knowing the compassion and mercy that are both hallmarks of the divine, one can presuppose that whatever one has experienced, it was less than might have usually been called for to achieve whatever the end intention of it was.
Though it may rain for days on end it does not rain forever in the same place. Though the sun is concealed for days behind clouds it will eventually burn through. Storms may rage and trials may prevail but they pass. Everything passes and the wise soul operates with this knowledge in mind and does not rail against the seeming injustice. The wiser soul endures, secure in the knowledge that all things work to the good for those who love the creator. If we are grievously tried it is to be presumed that we are much loved, save in those cases where it is just recompense and in either case, it passes. No one is permitted to remain evil forever. The ultimate objective of the ineffable is redemption and that has oft been expressed in the ageless wisdom that attends the movement of existence through its various states. That wisdom may be more and sometimes much less visible but it is always present, the same way the sun is always shining, whether clouds may be obscuring it or not. It’s there. I imagine that means we might sometimes have to go through the clouds to see it.
I’m amazed at my state of mind, in the aftermath of possibly the greatest rip-off I have ever experienced. It’s certainly not my greatest personal tragedy. I suspect I do not even remember some of them. Still, in this age of intense material significance, it is all too likely that loss will prey upon the mind …but I feel none of that. It is almost as if I can hear a voice speaking that is filled with reassurance but I cannot make out the actual statements. I liken it to being seated near a babbling brook. There is a music and a lyricism in it but that feature will escape a mind that is too involved in the material aspects of existence. Even a mind attuned to the melodies inherent in that body of water might not be able to interpret the message it contains but… there is a part of us that is sensitive to that. There is a part of us that hears and sees everything, even if the waking portion of us does not and if we have developed an amicable relationship with that portion of ourselves, our greatest enemy is turned into our very best friend. The vicissitudes of life are all programmed and arranged to bring us to that point but we fight it to the death, for whatever our reasons may be.
These are dark times but we do not have to be in the darkness. That is a matter of personal choice and it is determined by our values and intentions. Whether it is worth the effort depends on what you find important. Ultimately what is important will make itself known to you, one way or the other.
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