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Reflections in a Petri Dish — August 19, 2014

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Years ago we stated that Israel was formed for the sole purpose of a pack of criminals having a sovereign state from which to practice their international gangsterism, without fear of repercussion. I think it can be said there is little doubt of this being certain and true as exemplified here and then there are things like this, which move the reality of what they are up to further beyond doubt. When they are operational in the US they have their own special practices that stand out significantly. Consummate racist psychopath and propaganda shill, (BIG) Abe Foxman has come up with a list of sites that may or may not be anti-Semitic. How come I did not make this list? I know the reason actually but… it’s one of those metaphysical things. Still… you work, you struggle, you make the effort to have your work recognized by the evil trolls who are seeking to plunge the world into utter chaos and despair, with a generous helping of torment and mass murder and you just get… you just get… bypassed is what you get. It ain’t fair.
Volcanoes are set to blow. The American public is in a state of intentional suicide by dinner fork and Ebola is looking for Love in all the wrong places. What to do, what to do… If you’re me, you head for a small and remote island in the Southern Hemisphere. The way I see it, whatever is coming and… that would be at least several somethings, it makes sense to be somewhere that, if you have to check out, you don’t mind checking out from there. Arguably… things will be worse in some places than they will be in others, especially, given that they are already worse in some places than they are in others. I like to use the present as a yardstick for the future, even though there is no such thing as the future, just another version of the present.
In Ferguson, the police and other SWAT bot and undercover goons stood around while the looting took place and one has to figure, when they try to figure, why it is that the police would stand around that it was probably members of the police and some version of hired thug who was doing the looting; encouraging it, provoking it, or whatever. They were pretty Johnny on the Spot when they were breaking heads and tear gassing the public, or threatening to shoot the press. I don’t usually have a problem with the press getting shot if they are members of the Crass Media, nor do I understand why they would be threatened by the police when they both work for the Zio-Ogres. Maybe all of them was just more smoke and mirrors. What isn’t smoke and mirrors are the two bullets in that fellow’s head and the four other bullets elsewhere and he didn’t have a gun and apparently he was yelling that he didn’t have a gun.
On the other hand, when bipedal lizards like Joan Rivers, who are held together with Krazy Glue, Duct Tape and Demon Spit say that The Palestinians deserve to be dead, you know they are digging a deep hole for themselves. They are all digging a deep hole. None of them believe that retribution will find its way to their doorstep. They, like so many, believe that if they are on the sides with the most money and the biggest guns that it is these things which determine justice. It ain’t so, Joe.
Day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year there is one thing that continues to fascinate me and that is how it just goes on and on and on, getting more crazy and more desperate by the hour, yet it never quite tumbles. The dominoes shiver and tremble but they remain upright against every law of physics. It doesn’t seem possible that it could continue as it does but… it does. The pandering and the lies are amazing. Here’s something that is nothing more than a promo for the Zio Gay controlled end of things. In what fantasy world does a transgender model risk his/her/its career by revealing what they are? The industry is from top to bottom run by these people.
Then there’s the outrageous lifestyle of imperious demand being lived by psychopaths like Hillary Clinton. How can this possibly be for anything else but the purpose of demonstration? This is why it all lumbers on ad infinitum. This is why it keeps going and going and going because the Zio-Ogre and all of the bottom feeding international criminals who serve them are meant to be convicted in the court of public opinion beyond all doubt. Then there’s the matter of Karma. Everything goes on as it does, in the way that it does, in the direction that is does, for the working out of Karma. It’s been centuries in the making!!! It’s on a really w i d e s c r e e n. It’s in living and dead color. So far as I know, zombies are not color blind. Quite frankly, I don’t know how things look to zombies, I’ve run into a few but they’re mostly inarticulate and are unable to tell you much and besides… you don’t want to get too close.
I was told that you would know when the final days of Materialism were at hand because cannibalism would be rampant. Isn’t Ebola a form of cannibalism? I present to you here, now, the chilling prophecy of Albert Pike and the 3 world wars. When you read it you get a sense of alarming certitude concerning what he was seeing and what followed after and how closely it matches up. All of this has been coming for a long time, or, as the song says, “it’s been a long time coming.”
People look at the things that happen to them and they get all negative about it because they can’t see past it or they can’t make the connection between the appearance of things and their real meaning. When I broke my hip, I wasn’t angry or brought down in any sense. I had to sit there for the length of a day waiting for any kind of help to arrive but my mind never travelled into the area where it considered the event as an act of misfortune. All I could think was it was fraught with significance and it meant something but I didn’t know what it was. What rang in my ears was my crying out the day before, “Get me out of here!” And so it did and had that not occurred then I would not now be headed to a place so very much finer than the place I was in. Sure, next I can walk right off a cliff but I don’t think so.
The time comes in every life when eventually you believe something beyond question or you believe in nothing at all. You might believe in yourself because you managed to accrue all kinds of things and you figure you were the source of all that return. I don’t know what to tell you about that. All I know is that everything that happens to me deepens my faith.
Let’s face it, there are some massive evidences of the direction and result of contemporary life. In the end, civilization looks likely to drown in its own garbage. Modern society knows how to consume but they don’t know how to manage what trails behind in their wake.
In the midst of all the hoopla and uproar, people are waking up and they are not happy with what they see. At the same time, the focus on trivial enterprise is at an all time high. We’re pinging and ponging between the inane and the ridiculous. All of the signs of a massive slide into Idiocracy are obvious. As previously mentioned here, 40 states now no longer teach children to write; no more handwriting. How is that remotely evolutionary? Not only are they eliminating the basics, they are shaping history to meet the needs of the people who own lifestyles or industries that profit from it AND they are forming perspective and opinion that supports the ends of the smallest demographics going. It’s the tyranny of a psychopathic, self indulgent minority.
Mr. Apocalypse is not amused and he’s going to keep on smacking people upside the head until they catch on to what is happening to them. The time is going to come when they are going to be very angry and these privileged minorities had better be looking for rocks to crawl under, though it will do them no good. There are plenty of other long standing prophecies that deal with that end of things and the destruction of pernicious nests of scorpions and vampire bats. It’s only a matter of time.
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