Space Shots and Psychics

During the sixties and seventies, the space race was running fast and hot. The Soviets using their captured German scientists were seen as slightly ahead of the Americans and their captured German scientists.

Starting with the launch in 1957 of Russia’s Sputnik, which took the world by surprise, America’s top scientists like Werner Von Braun and Arthur Rudolph were told “you have an open cheque on this one, we must be on the moon first”.

It was said laughingly by the C.I.A telephone intercepts division, that Henry Kissenger had a screaming fit down the phone after Sputnik’s launch. The result was massive increase in expenditure to catch up with the Russians, who if first on the moon would have had initial claim to mineral rights and colonization projects.

We now all know about remote viewers, which is a new name for out of body experiences (OBE); otherwise known as astral projection, or soul travel used by Churchill’s black team during WWII and revealed by Dennis Wheatley, Dr. Alexander Cannon and Louis De-Whol.

However in the early sixties the U S Embassy in London had a strange new recruit in this field by the name of Frank Hyde.

A natural psychic trained by the late Muriel Bennet among others, Frank Hyde was what is called an “Overwatcher”: whose task was to mentally travel alongside and keep an eye on Soviet space projects.

I was with Hyde once when he was standing in the foyer of the American Embassy in London but mentally rummaging through documentation in the secure rooms upstairs.

This was much to the shock and dismay of those American Embassy staff who knew what Hyde was actually doing.

Hyde was one of several who warned that the Apollo 13 mission would end in disaster because preparations for it had been too rushed.

In return for his surveillance work and advice, Hyde was given a U S space suit and allowed to promote a London children’s space club, where he would fill cinemas showing pictures of the space shots and giving talks.

One night on the way home he was approached by the Russian London KGB station chief, who offered him a handsome bribe for information on U S first Strike capabilities.

Although Frank flatly refused the Russian bribe, he actually talked them into allowing him to show some of their pictures alongside those from the U.S. space program.

Now the London Electric Board roadside box outside the Soviet Embassy in Grosvenor Palace Gardens contained within its metal housing a telephone intercept device that taped calls to and from the Russian Embassy. So even if Frank hadn’t told his superiors at the U.S. Embassy about the Russian offer they may well have eventually found out.

Essentially a humble man, Frank Hyde actually made quite a bit for charity but shunned the limelight because he felt he was only doing his duty.

Stamford Research Institute estimates that 320 million dollars is spent annually in various countries on PSI research but that the Soviets are reportedly way ahead in the field.

Nonetheless General Stubblebine, commander of U.S. Army Intelligence and Security from 1981 to 1984 has claimed that the U S army using BWMDs (Brain Wave Monitor Devices) have enhanced and amplified PSI abilities for military usage. Even going so far, he claims, as killing goats by enhanced willpower alone.

Given the current levels of security around PSI research for military purposes, we may never know for sure how true General Stubblebine’s claims are.

However one of the strangest things Frank and I heard at the U.S. Embassy that day was where to watch and when for UFO fleets crossing the sky. I swear this was one of the most amazing things I ever saw or heard but don’t ask me how our informants knew or why.

T Stokes.

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The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence