Men’s Movement: Flipside of Feminism?

by Sean McGuinness — ( August 10, 2014

bliss-shepherd-leader-of-mens-movement-335x500The men’s rights movement (or “masculism”) is actually just the male counterpart of the feminism it claims to oppose.
The similarities are striking. Both believe their natural gender role is a sign of submission or weakness.
This is what makes both movements so tragic. Feminism teaches young women that getting married, having children and cooperating with their husband is an “artificial social construct” created by the “patriarchy” to keep women down and oppress them.
Feminism teaches that women in secure and loving relationships are not really happy, but are putting on a brave face, and that the real source of happiness for women is being “strong and independent” i.e. rebelling against nature, being vapid, selfish, hedonistic and materialistic.
Masculism applies this ethos to men, encouraging them to behave as teenagers – drinking, playing video games, and having casual, promiscuous sex.
The MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) have terms such as “mangina” and “white knight” for men with families, implying that these men are in a state of servitude.
In essence, feminism is misogynistic and masculism is misandric. Both masquerade as attempts to improve the conditions of their respective gender, but are actually further enslaving them. Both believe the opposite sex is conspiring to keep them down.


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