Dr David Kelly, Sex Education and the BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation excels at it. Indeed they are probably without equal in the art. Decades of practise have made them masters at passing off disinformation as ‘news’, and disguising social engineering as entertainment. A prime example occurred earlier this year when the Corporation reported that a panel of “experts” had recommended sex education begin with children as young as five years old.

Accordingly BBC Online asked:
“Is giving five-year-olds sex education taking away their innocence? Does education help children talk about sex without embarrassment as they get older? How would you prefer your children to find out?”

On the face of it this appears balanced enough but the BBC omits to say that sex education for such young children might be intended to rob them of their innocence. And, more significantly, it omits to mention that this is exactly what the architects of the New World Order want. It gives them more control over the population, allowing them to implement behavioural modification programs at an ever-younger age. Although do not expect it to be announced like that. Instead it will be introduced as the answer to a problem, such as the growing number of teenage pregnancies in Britain. Accompanied by the opinions of ‘experts’, as always, to help sway the doubtful.

Quite possibly, the decision to start sex education at such a young age has already been made. But just to make sure that we remain under the illusion of ‘freedom’, the media will sponsor public debates on the issue. Because even though it may well have been decided, it’s crucial that the public believe the decision has been arrived at through “expert” consultation and the “democratic process.” That way we are more likely to accept it.

More importantly though, this helps retain the illusion that we live in a “free society” with a “free” and “independent” media. This is critical to the controllers and its power is not so much in what we are told, as in what we are not told.

Thus, for ten years the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media barely mentioned the fact of between six and ten thousand children dying every month in Iraq. Their deaths were the direct result of sanctions on Iraq, imposed and enforced by Britain and America. But because the media chose to ignore the mounting death toll the sanctions remained, ultimately accounting for the deaths of over 700,000 children and setting the scene for the recent invasion.

And in the process, making the BBC and mainstream media in general, complicit in covering up what was essentially genocide.

A more recent example of this came with the death of Dr David Kelly.

Shortly before setting off on a walk, from which he would never return, Dr David Kelly sent an email warning of “dark actors, playing games.” The message referred to officials in the Ministry of Defence and British Intelligence with whom Dr Kelly had clashed over the exact nature of the threat posed by Iraq and its alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The email gave no indication that he was either depressed or contemplating suicide. Although his body was found on a friday morning, he wrote that he was waiting “until the end of the week” before judging how his appearance before the House of Commons select committee had gone.

Another email sent at the same time to an associate said that he was enthusiastic about the prospect of returning to Iraq and determined to overcome the scandal surrounding him.

All of which are hardly the sentiments of a man about to commit suicide. As if to underline this, his wife told the New York Times that her husband had been under enormous stress recently “as we all had been”, but at no stage had he indicated that he was contemplating suicide.

However, the mainstream media said nothing other than his death was ‘suspected suicide’. Even after it was revealed at the Hutton inquiry, that in the months before the invasion of Iraq, he said that if it went ahead, he would be “found dead in the woods.”

Today Britain’s media is abuzz with reports about Dr David Kelly’s death. ‘How government ministers had tried to gag him’, (The Independent): ‘how his family were now pointing the finger of blame at the Ministry of Defence,’ (BBC): ‘how police had planned to arrest him’ (The Sunday Times). All this and more, but not a word about the possibility that his death was anything other than suicide.

In all probability Dr Kelly’s death was not suicide, but don’t expect to hear that from the mainstream media. Its role in the New World Order is to shape and condition public perception. And the blizzard of news reports surrounding the Hutton inquiry into Dr Kelly’s death serves as no more than a smokescreen, concealing the possibility that he was in fact murdered.

So it is not so much as what the media say, as what it omits to say that is crucial.

Hence the BBC running an online debate on the issue of sex education, helps maintain the illusion that we live in a society with a free press. And a media whose power lies in the fact that we believe it to be “free” and not what it really is: a control mechanism.

However, the issue of sex education for young children was anticipated long ago. In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World children were encouraged to have sex, precisely to rob them of their innocence. And if the controllers have their way the BBC will be broadcasting sex education programs for the very young to assist in exactly that.