An Air of Danger

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Why are we modifying our global breathing space?

The sky may not be falling, but a mysterious spraying has astute observers everywhere looking up and feeling the winds of change.
What they’re witnessing is the implementation of a large-scale aerosol intervention program to allegedly combat climate change by essentially acting as a sunblock. The practice was begun surreptiously in the 1960s by the National academy of Sciences and sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency under the euphemism of geoengineering.
The very existence of geoengineering remians controversial. Americans have been conditioned to label those who think outside the status quo on important issues “conspiracy theorists” and conveniently dismiss or discredit them from meaningful dialogue. Moreover, through plausible deniability policy the government has granted itself the authority to abdicate responsibility for covert activity that may be deemed illegal. Since climate change has been dubbed a national security issue, it falls under this policy.
As the number of foreigners pushing back continues to grow, with protests taking place in Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, and many other nations, the US by and large remains mum. Even as former British Columbian Premier Bill Vander Zalm has put Canadian politicians “on notice” in a personal quest for legislation prohibiting such spraying, his neighbor to the south lives blissfully unaware.
And so it odes that as worldwide cancer rates continue to climb and outdoor air pollution is recognised as primary cause by the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, America continues to see toxic trails in her local skies with nary a whisper from mainstream media.

Eyewitness Accounts

Geoengineering is carried out principally through chemical aerosols sprayed into the atmosphere by military and commercial planes, identifiable by the prolonged and creeping trail(s) that remain in the aircrafts’ wake. Colloquially termed “chemtrails” by the US Air Force, these trails can be laid in varying patterns at high altitude, and linger for hours to form cloud banks. In contrast, a condensation trail or contrail is formed by compressed air (only) flowing through a jet engine or over wing tips and normally evaporates within minutes.
There is documented proof that levels of these chemicals have been increasing in the environment. Independent lab tests of rain and bottled water in Queensland, for instance, have confirmed dangerously elevated levels of aluminum, arsenic, and barium. And chemtrails sampled over the coutnry have been found to contain barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass (known as chaff), radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nckel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ehtyline dibromide, and polymer fibers.
Add to this the fact that some 571 tons of lead is emitted by propeller-driven aircraft each year in the US through leaded aviation fuel or avgas (ignored by the EPA and dismissed by pilots), on top of industrial and traffic pollutants, and it would seem we have turned out atmosphere into a toxic brewery.
Though the pilots themselves often claim to be unaware of what they’re carrying, many anonymous (so-called “Jack and Jill”) flyers involved in the implementation of geoengineering have come forward to corroborate the practice during radio interviews.
Chemtrails. Click to enlarge

Chemtrails. Click to enlarge

Under great duress, one former German aerospace engineer very recently confirmed on camera his previous involvement in chemtrail equipment installation. During a peaceful protest in Dresden, he stated that he worked at a special military base in Oberpfaffenhofen and has evidence of his involvement in aerosol spraying that he’s determined to present before a government committee. Because of pressure from the “very top,” his boss was forced to fire him and he hs been ostracided from the aerospace community.
He acknowledged clearly the process of gutting aircraft and refitting them with elaborate spraying machinery. He waid workers were instructed by the miliary to wear protective clothing and masks to shield them from the toxic aerosols that were to be sprayed for testing purposes to determine particle behavior.
Lamenting that we’re headed for an ecological catastrophe, he reiterated that he is willing to testify before any investigative committee.


Filtering Truth

Many feel that geoengineering has a questionable mission that smells of deceit.
Rather than countering global warming by deflecting sunlight, some researchers say that in reality, it’s the chemical aerosols themselves (not CO2) that are chiefly responsible for global warming and reduced humidity in affected nations. Furthermore, they believe there is an underlying agenda to support the continuation of temperature increase; namely, a universal carbon tax (and further restraints on basic freedoms.)
Analysts such as author/researcher and physicist Richard Alan Miller, Ph.D., believe that multinational giant Monsanto Corporation is involved in this weather modification process. It is their desire to deliberately create arid conditions in a drive toward universal, genetically modified aluminum- and draught-resistant crops for greater control over the global food market. “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”
The watchdog group believes in such motives and pulls no punches with its mission statement, “Monitoring the Planned Poisoning of Humanity.” Indeed, many feel that it’s not just for profit, but a modern method of eugenics to keep the global population under control through sickness and disease. (See Georgia Guidestones.) They believe that our atmosphere is being weaponised, but not for our defense.
The EPA’s stance on chemtrail existence and/or its responsibility for investigating it has been one of denial, even though it consistently scolds industrial polluters.

Potential for bodily harm

Regardless of one’s stance on global warming, the deliberate seeding of the biosphere with harmful chemicals should be considered our clearest danger.
Humans and animals are subjected to potential respiratory issues and othe rinternal effects through infiltration of food and water supplies. Aluminum may be linked to brain damage (for example, Alzheimer’s disease) while barium has toxicity equal to arsenic and is linked to heart injury.
Besides cancer, new research from the University of Rochester Medical Centr has linked general air pollution to autism and a host of other neurological disorders. This research shows that early exposure to traffic-related air pollution produces harmful changes in the brains of mice, including enlargement of the area related to autism and schizophrenia in humans.
The findings are consistent with previous studies that show linkage between autism in children and air pollution: in particular, a 2013 JAMA Psychiatry article reports that children who lived in areas with high levels of traffic-related air pollution during thir first year of life were three times more likely to develop autism.
Human reactions to chemtrail aerosols vary, with numerous anecdotes of flu-like symptoms, sinus issues, nausea, disorientation, asthma attacks, joins pain, etc. (all other life factors being equal and all other possible causes ruled out). Some men report intense chest pain, and women, severe premenstrual syndrome.
If left untreated, these symptoms can progress into full-blown flu issues.
It’s no wondere that medical experts theorize chemtrails will likely exacerbate mental health issues and incidence of physical ailments including heart disease, COPD, and asthma.

Self-responsibility is key

There should be no doubt that each of us must assume accountability for our own health and take every precaution within our means to detox and strengthen our immunity.
The International Advocates for Health Freedom (IAHF) recommends a herbal bowel cleansing of the parasites and pathogens caused by chemtrail through the link below.

Alternatively, colloidal silver (particulate silver suspended in water) is regarded as one of nature’s health miracles and is a potent, natural anti-microbial (not be used for prolonged periods), as is green tea.
N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) is a natural supplement that can remove metals build-up through a process known as chelation therapy. Other experts recommend diatomaceous earth (DE) mixed in juice as a way of combating toxins. These supplements also work as effective immune modulators to help against free radicals and cancer.
Hydration should not be overlooked in our quest to stay healthy. The Mayo Clinic advises that the standard 64 ounces per day is still a valid goal for most of us. Miller recommends drinking from a dark metal container and adding a pinch of baking soda or lemon so as to slighly raise alkalinity and optimise cellular uptake.
This article provides only a brief heads-up into a complex and developing situation. You many learn more and delve deeper into the topic of geoengineering though addtional credible sources by visiting the websites: and
Rob Saint Laurent, M.Ed. is a health writer and the author of Fitworks.


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