They Came… and Then… They Were Gone…

Smoking Mirrors — August 7, 2014

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As Mark Twain noted some while ago, “there are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics.” Here’s some living and viable (irony alert) truth on that account. When they’re not making war on defenseless people, or playing at genocide the way some of us might play Gin or Backgammon; you know, to relax and engage in a little back and forth. Of course, their idea of back and forth is not like the rest of us. They got a motto over there, besides the one that talks about waging war by deception. It goes this way, ‘Use force and… if that doesn’t work, use more force.” That’s pretty succinct; to be summed up in your own words. Some of us will go to almost any lengths not to be summed up in our own words; people like John Kerry, Tony Blair and Hillarious Clinton come to mind. Some of us would love to be summed up in our words should it prove that we lived by them. I’m hoping that proves to be the case with me… and you.
Yeah… there are a few things these psycho-yobs like to hammer on. Here’s their other main interest of the moment. You got to love the thought that went into the photo; the choice of ethnicity and of course, the long drawn out article by their in house shill for this sort of thing, Devoid of Leitsinger. Their basic intent in this effort is to destroy the fundamental building block of society, which is the family unit. If you want to know what happens when these fine folk come into your country you can find no better authority than Douglas Reed.
Most of us know these things and the rest us are learning them, in some cases most painfully so. You cannot expect a scorpion to behave like a honeybee. I’ve personally found this out to my great distress in recent times. Honeybees are among our most productive and wonderful life forms. Scorpions are not. I don’t know exactly what scorpions do in terms of a beneficial contribution to existence. I don’t know what flies or mosquitoes do in that regard either. I’m guessing all of these flew out of Pandora’s Box after a vigorous application of oral stimuli by the same and aforementioned.
Do the most dedicated servants of evil change from age to age? That hasn’t happened in recent ages. We have to keep in mind that the world and its nature tends toward corruption. It tends on a gradual incline and at times it tends on a steep incline. This is due to the house religion of the world being materialism and we know, or should, that that is the province of Mammon and we know, or should know, who Mammon works for.
As I like to say, ‘believe what you like’. The truth is the truth regardless of the collective belief of all the worlds inhabitants. A simple and correct definition of the truth might be, ‘without artifice’. This means that embellishments of any sort in, respect of anything, are a departure from the truth, no matter to what it applies, be that relative or absolute. You might ask how something with no truth in it that gets embellished could be a departure from the truth. Everything possesses essential nature and that is what is most true of it and moving away from that… is the less true. The important thing is that the truth is absolutely unaffected by any actions directed at it except within the minds of those seduced into believing what is not true; via Edward Bernays and any of the other clowns of mind fuck.
Your life is the sum total of what you came to believe and how you acted on those beliefs and in the end, your life is brought into comparison with the truth and however great the distance between is, is how great the karmic repercussions are. It’s all simple math for a simple mind that sees things in their inherent simplicity. Intelligence is often a problem when it comes to seeing things as they are. This is one of the reasons that the cosmos often picks simple souls to broadcast its message.
When things get out of wack and… they are seriously out of wack now, forces of readjustment appear. It’s hard to tell who and what that might be because of the mass of confusion in operation. The forces of evil know that they have a powerful adversary afoot. Generally, it is their intent to do as much harm as possible before they are brought to heel. That is what we are seeing now. The Ebola alarm is a manufactured crisis. It keeps the minds of the people occupied and this is necessary, lest they focus too much on the horror in Palestine or the other varieties of threat that march on them every day.
There is a massive orchestration at work to keep the general consciousness in a state of perpetual disturbance and there are powerful spokes-villains in high places, put there to deflect and diminish what, for them, are discomfiting truths. Noah Chomsky is such a one. He continues to be followed and paid attention to, even after he said, “It doesn’t matter who did 9/11.” The simple truth here is that since members of The Tribe were behind 9/11, at the behest of their in house, international banking cartel AND since he is a Tribe member, just like Greg Palast, who has been sowing the same disinfo, it stands to reason that both of them are active gatekeepers who use their influence to attack the irrefutable conclusions of the truth-seekers and truth-tellers. These shills and charlatans should be exposed and subjected to all the ignominy is is possible to lay upon them. It hasn’t happened yet… but it will.
The force of evil is at its zenith. It cannot remain there. Having reached the height of the expression of its powers, it is passing into decline. In times of great chaos and uncertainty, people lose their awareness of the individual in the mix. It all becomes defined as crowd karma but there is no cosmic precedence for this sort of thing. If something happens to a crowd it is important to keep in mind that a crowd is made up of individuals who opted for a common theme. If that particular common theme comes to a bad end, it was a matter of individual choices preempting all other routes of expression. You might say, at least at the time, that they wanted that more than anything else. Of course, sometimes, you get into things that look one way from the outside and become something else on the inside, like when you join the military, motivated by patriotism or the possibility of an education or following career. Most people don’t know they are entering into the service of bankers.
You don’t have to join the military to enter into the service of bankers. All you have to do is buy a car or a house and lack the capital to purchase it at once. You come into the employ of bankers when you accept a position in certain industries. The bankers are the problem. Sure, there are those unseen inhabitants of the lower astral; some of them in residence for centuries, whose force of influence is large and for whom these bankers are employed but that’s just apples and apple juice. Things are as bad as they are because the forces of good have pressed down upon these astral residents and have forced them outward into manifestation for the purpose of judgment in the flesh. They have but one motivation and that is to do as much harm and harvest as much personal gain as possible. This would seem insane to someone not under the influences they are under but that’s how it is for them. Imagine that you are under the influence of a powerful drug (not difficult for me- grin). It’s possible that you are aware of yourself in the state of consciousness you are in but the drug exerts a powerful effect on how you think and feel. You might say they are under the influence of a very, very powerful drug and their reason has left them AND for them it is all very reasonable. They are reasonable men and women faced with hard choices. That’s how they see it.
In their heads, at the rear of their minds, there is a snake coiled up and always awake. If you could put yourself in their minds for a moment you would see it there, coiled in the darkness with its fiery eyes and the lids at half mast. It has taken over all of their thought processes and everything that they feel is also processed through this snake and so, no matter what they do, or who they harm, it all seems necessary and justifiable. Why… you would do the same thing if you were in their place and certainly this is what they think.
Consider yourself lucky that you do not have this same snake coiled up inside your head; this ancient and evil expression of the reversed, or anti-Kundalini. It’s wiser, more charming and ever so much more convincing than any human being, in its effect upon its host and in its effect upon those coming into contact with its host. It’s an alien life form and there is no way to understand it from the human side of things.
I, like you, must consider myself lucky when misfortune calls. Our distresses may come and go but there is an end in sight and we are more and more purified by our suffering as we go. If we do not cease in the pursuit of our noble objective, the impetus to continue will not desert us and though we may, at times, be swirling in confusion and though pain may be in constant residence, we make it through; stronger and lighter. It ain’t easy but in the end, upon reflection, it turns out that every alternative, no matter its appearance at first… was equally as hard or worse.
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