60% of Israelis say offensive against Gaza has failed

Introduction — August 6, 2014

An Israeli mobile artillery unit fires on Gaza July 28. Click to enlarge

An Israeli mobile artillery unit fires on Gaza July 28. Click to enlarge

This is more far ominous than it seems at first glance, particularly when you look at the survey in context.
Contrast it with other surveys conducted during the Israeli offensive and you’ll find that, despite mounting IDF casualties, the overwhelming majority of Israelis supported Operation Protective Edge.
That support was near unanimous with 95% of those questioned voicing their approval for the offensive.
What’s more, most Israelis rejected claims that the IDF was using “excessive” firepower. With 37-60% saying they believed that Israel had used appropriate levels of force while 33-57% of those questioned believed that insufficient firepower had been used.
Less that 4% of those questioned said that “excessive” force had been used.
Given that most Israelis don’t believe the latest offensive was successful, it stands to reason that they will support another offensive where even more force is used.

60% of Israelis say offensive against Gaza has failed

Press TV — August 6, 2014

According to a new poll, more than 60 percent of Israelis believe a month-long offensive by Tel Aviv’s ground and aerial forces against the besieged Gaza Strip has failed to achieve its goals.

The latest survey by the Israeli institute, Panels Politics, reveals that 66 percent of Israel’s public believes the war did not achieve its objectives.

This comes as Israeli forces retreated from Gaza, claiming that they have achieved their objectives, including destruction of cross-border tunnels in Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had earlier hailed the Gaza offensive as a success.

However, the new poll shows most Israelis’ view corresponds with that of the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, which says Tel Aviv failed to achieve its goals in its bloody attacks.

Ismail Haniyeh, a senior leader of Hamas, says Palestinians were the victorious side of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip. Haniyeh made the remarks in a recent statement, saying the resistance fighters are the true winners of the Israeli regime’s invasion of the Palestinian territory.

Israel has also kept tight reins on media outlets with regard to the exact number of Israeli soldiers captured or killed during its ongoing assaults on the coastal enclave. The rising death toll of Israeli forces during the attacks on the Gaza Strip had prompted growing opposition to the war among the Israeli public.

Hamas spokesman, Ihab al-Ghussein, has recently told Press TV correspondent that Israel has only managed to kill Palestinian civilians and demolish buildings in the impoverished region.

The ceasefire is a break from a four-week conflict that has left at least 1,875 Palestinians dead, including 430 children.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki is pushing for a war crimes case at the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Israel due to the Zionist regime’s brutal aggression on the besieged region.



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