Israel Claims to Find Hamas ‘Manual’ on Using Human Shields

Introduction — August 6, 2014

The manual’s cover, according to Israel’s military. Click to enlarge

The manual’s cover, according to Israel’s military. Click to enlarge

When dealing with anything from Israel, particularly when it comes to claims about conflict, one should always bear in mind a Mossad motto.
According to former a Mossad officer the proverbial “By Way of Deception, Thou Shall Do War” was a guideline for agents. It’s also very relevant in the wake of the recent Gaza conflict.
During the recent Gaza conflict Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu claimed that Hamas was using “suicide bombers”. The BBC’s Middle East correspondent effectively refuted Netanyahu’s claim and as a result was called back to London.
The damage had been done however, and the seeds of doubt had been sown over Netanyahu’s claims.
To counteract this Israel has now come up with “proof” to substantiate claims about Hamas using human shields. The “proof”, which comes in the form of a Hamas manual is fortuitous, suspiciously so. In much the way that the 9/11 hijackers passports were found to have survived the jet’s crash and demolition of the multi-story tower block.
Bearing in mind this helps shift the blame for the wanton slaughter of Palestinian civilians, it’s as well to recall that Mossad byline when looking at recent events in Gaza.

Israel Claims to Find Hamas ‘Manual’ on Using Human Shields

Eddie Scarry — Mediaite August 5, 2014

Israel’s military blog posted on Monday what it claims is a “manual” found in the Gaza Strip that instructs the Hamas military on the benefits of using civilians to protect themselves in battle.

“This Hamas urban warfare manual exposes two truths,” reads the Israeli blog post. “(1) The terror group knows full well that the (Israel Defense Forces will do what it can to limit civilian casualties. (2) The terror group exploits these efforts by using civilians as human shields against advancing IDF forces.”

CNN reports to have transcribed two specific pages of the manual and did not find specific mentions of Hamas utilizing human shields “but one section discusses the benefits for Hamas when civilian homes are destroyed.” CNN could also not independently confirm the veracity of the manual.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency has reported that it has found missiles in schools in the Gaza Strip, where Palestinians live.


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