No Escape from the Illuminati in Argentina

by Gary Kinghorn — ( August 5, 2014

camino-a-cayafateI couldn’t agree more with Joe Spickard’s sentiments in his recent post “American Expat Considers Returning Home“.
As I wrote in 2011. I too considered relocating to Argentina to avoid the coming calamity in the US, but discovered that these “emerging” countries may actually lead the way down.
On top of the endemic corruption that goes on even in good times, assuming there is something like a global economic collapse, foreigners are likely to be the first targets for looting, etc. Unless you’ve got some pretty extraordinary circumstances outside the US, it’s hard to imagine that hunkering down in the US with a group of like-minded individuals in a reasonably self-sufficient community isn’t a far better way to go. Although we only spent several months in Argentina each year as we considered full time relocation, we have sold our home there and are residing full time back in the US.
Admittedly, we found ourselves in a pretty extreme situation in our community up in the rural wine country of Argentina. But it’s probably representative of what you can expect in most places when you encounter the dark underbelly of a foreign country.

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