Genocide, from the World’s Biggest Victim Industry

When I was a child I read a great deal of history, biographies and the Greek and Roman myths. I found the myths especially fascinating. Even in my youth I knew they related to human existence as much as anything did.

I used to wonder about the extreme cruelties that people visited on each other. It didn’t make sense to me. War didn’t make sense to me. Even as a kid I never saw the attraction in it. I went into the military because I was born into a military family but I had no desire to go into combat and become Sgt Rock of Easy Company. I didn’t get sent into combat but I did get to go to prison and various maximum security holding centers that were easily as dangerous as any war. You didn’t get downtime or R&R either.

I’ve always been curious about history. The most curious thing to me was how the various versions of history contradicted each other depending on who was telling the tale. I see that, these days, it is of paramount importance to have control over the way history is presented because it allows for all kinds of behavior as justification for any particular version of history.

One thing I have learned is that, though technology continues to become more modern and efficient, human evolution does not keep pace with it. The same Neanderthals that used to wield clubs now wield sophisticated arms. Most of them don’t know why they are fighting. Someone told them the people upstream were pissing in the water, just as the people further upstream were told the same thing. Wars are just a matter of business. They have nothing to do with the reasons given. They are about stealing land and making money and that’s all there is to it. You can complicate the issue, especially when you are the one stealing the land and making the money but it’s all about theft of some kind.

Today we’ve got a people who have the argument that they were thrown out of over a hundred countries for simply minding their business and not causing any trouble and that these countries just picked on them for no reason at all. As absurd as this may sound, they’re sold this bill of goods to the world. Along with being a big part of causing a great many wars they finally found a war where they could claim that certain forces were out to exterminate them and they’ve used this as currency for bad behavior ever since. They’ve used this seriously questionable event to blackmail the nations of the world out of large sums of money and laid a lot of unjustified guilt at the doors of a great many people who never had anything to do with this questionable event.

In present time they are engaged in exterminating a population before the eyes of the world. They forced 700,000 of these people off of their land via the cachet that they garnered according to this highly questionable event. Since then, for sixty years they have been diligently exterminating these people and stealing more and more of their land. This is a fact.

Recently they launched a military strike against these people for political gain. The party in power was losing the support of their own people so they needed to do something that would regain them political support for the upcoming election. They succeeded in this event. They also succeeded in destroying what little was left of the other countries manufacturing capacity. They also destroyed their livestock and food supplies. When concerned people around the world wanted to donate to these people, who are homeless and without food, the BBC decided not to run a public service video because the appeal might be considered as anti-Israel. Yes… the BBC refused to run the appeal for this reason. This is because pro-Zionist Mark Thompson is a director at the BBC. Marcus Agius, a senior independent director at the BBC is married to a Rothschild.

Things are very, very bad in Gaza. Here is a listing of some of the Israeli war criminals with their pictures.

During this vicious act of genocide the Israelis used DIME… depleted uranium …and white phosphorus on women and children and anyone else who happened to be nearby. Now they are blocking an appeal for the survivors of the devastation that they caused.

The argument has been given that the attack was to stop rockets being launched into GAZA. Few, if any rockets were launched into GAZA during the ceasefire which was broken by Israel. Its right there on CNN, go watch it. Israel committed these atrocities to influence an election and because they are psychopaths who enjoy causing human suffering. This is how they entertain themselves.

No one can refute anything I have put here. Meanwhile a certain portion of the world denies this has happened; denies what their own news reports tell them, denies the causes of the event and willfully obstructs the collection of aid for a ruined people.

In America there are a lot of people who actually believe Arab terrorists committed the 9/11 attack despite enormous evidence to the contrary and despite Bin Laden’s statement that he had nothing to do with it. In America, even as their economy crumples into ruin and a police state manifests in their airports and on their streets they do not believe what is real… only what they are told. Their new president ordered a bombing raid on Pakistani civilians the other day which killed 16 people and they still believe a change is gonna come.

Let me tell you something. Let me tell all of you something. You who stand by while such evil is committed; you who support it, you who deny it, you who blame the real victims for the crimes committed against them… all of you are a party to the crimes. You who permit these things in your names are yourself a party to the murders.

You may not believe in Karma any more than the Pope didn’t believe that the Earth rotated around the sun but it doesn’t change anything. The Earth still rotates around the sun and Karma is real. There is no arrogance greater than the arrogance of the uninformed. The presumption of knowledge by insignificant flyspecks is a wonder to behold. You truly do not know shit from shinola and you ARE going to reap the whirlwind.

I want you to think about what has happened in GAZA which was made possible by American dollars. I want you to think about this modern world that still permits things like these. I want you to think about the suppression of the GAZA appeal. I want you to think about the impact that Zionism is having on the world at this time and I want you to watch your Vice President give head to a psychopathic nation on TV. Now watch your president Obama and Nancy Pelosi suck AIPAC dick on TV. See if you can stomach it. As you watch these whores bend over for their masters, I want you to picture what happened in GAZA. I want you to picture this vicious attack on unarmed defenseless residents of a manufactured prison camp by Israel who broke a working cease fire in order to commit mass murder and worse.

I know what I see and I know what you don’t see. You are a party to this and your day will come. So, go ahead… mock and sneer and turn your indifferent backs. Don’t trouble your beautiful minds with these horrors. What goes around comes around and it is headed for you and not all your sudden conversions and disclaimers of not knowing are going to help you one bit. You are no better than the psychopaths who do these things.

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