BBC’s Mark Thompson Exposed for Refusing Gaza Aid Appeal

Last week, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) requested an aid appeal for Gaza to be aired by British television and radio channels. Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV all agreed to screen the aid appeal for the innocent victims of Israel’s brutal attacks, but the BBC Director General, Mark Thompson, blatantly refused and confirmed the claims of many that he is a notorious supporter of Zionist Israel.

Nobody can deny that the people of Gaza are undergoing a humanitarian catastrophe as an immediate consequence of Israel’s indiscriminate attacks. More than 1300 people have been killed and countless homes, schools and hospitals have been razed to the ground. Moreover, people are continuing to die as a result of these dire conditions. Despite this fact, Mark Thompson justified his refusal by claiming that such an appeal for aid could be interpreted as anti-Israel bias! Just why this humanitarian disaster would be different from other disasters remains unclear. The BBC managed to raise £10m for the Congo and £18m for Burma. Are the lives of Palestinian children worth less than the lives of African or Asian children? Mark Thompson’s Zionist worldview seems to think so.

That Mark Thompson has been supporting Zionist leaders is no secret. In fact, Mark Thompson’s wife, Jane, is Jewish and a fanatic supporter of Zionist policies. Is Mark simply trying to appease his wife? If he is, then this has to be one of the most outrageous acts in the history of British media. The glaring disregard for human suffering, however, can only be explained by Mark Thompson’s close relationship with Israeli leaders. In 2005, Mr. Thompson broke all rules of independent journalism when he travelled to Jerusalem and met former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in order to “build bridges” between the BBC and Israel. This unprecedented move was not covered by Western media, but the Israeli press gave it significant importance.

Mark Thompson’s decision has caused widespread public anger across the globe. Protests have been staged by around 5,000 people in London and many people in the United Kingdom are boycotting paying the BBC license fee.

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