Soldier Hadar Goldin is dead, not kidnapped, IDF tells family

Introduction — August 3, 2014

Hadar Goldin. Click to enlarge

Hadar Goldin. Click to enlarge

The Israeli Army have told the family of a soldier who was originally thought to have been abducted that their son is probably now dead.
Although they won’t admit to it this takes a great deal of weight from the IDF’s shoulders. The last Israeli soldier captured, Gilad Shalit was freed after five years in captivity and in the eyes of hard line Zionists his freedom came at too heavy a heavy price.
In exchange Israel was forced to release one thousand Palestinian prisoners.
This accounts for the Hannibal Doctrine: an IDF policy that sanctions the killing of its own troops in the event that they are captured.
This may also explain why the IDF didn’t appear to conduct any extensive searches of the areas around where 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin was thought to have been seized. Instead they launched blanket artillery bombardment of the area while the Israeli Air Force bombed it. Effectively ensuring that both Goldin and his abductors were caught in the ensuing firestorm.
To cover their tracks the IDF now says that a suicide bomber killed 2n Lt. Hadar Goldin while in all likelihood he’s the latest victim of the Hannibal Doctrine.

Soldier Hadar Goldin is dead, not kidnapped, IDF tells family

Times of Israel — August 3, 2014

Israeli soldier Lt. Hadar Goldin was killed in Gaza on Friday morning, the IDF’s Chief Rabbi Rafi Peretz and other officials told his family late Saturday night.

The family said it accepted the news with deep sorrow. Goldin is officially listed as a fallen IDF soldier.

The military said in a statement that “findings in the field” were such that it could be established that Goldin was dead. Peretz headed a special panel that confirmed Goldin’s death late Saturday night.

According to Israel Radio, Goldin, an officer in the Givati Brigade, was part of a group of soldiers who had found a Hamas tunnel in a rural area near Rafah overnight Thursday-Friday, and they were working on decommissioning it when they were attacked on Friday morning.

Goldin’s group was targeted, and two other soldiers close to him, Benaya Sarel and Liel Gidoni, were killed in an explosion, apparently detonated by a Hamas suicide bomber.

Goldin was seized by other gunmen, and other soldiers who reached the scene tried to chase after the kidnappers, into the tunnel, but they were unable to thwart the kidnapping.

IDF troops had been searching throughout Friday and Saturday for Goldin in the Rafah area.

Hamas denied it had any information on a kidnapped soldier.

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