The Strange Case of the Disappearing Sheetrock

Reflections in a Petri Dish — August 2, 2014

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As tragic and farcical as it all is, I had to laugh out loud at this load of steaming,stinking swine excrement. At one point one of the lying sacks of medical waste said that the rocket landed a few feet from him and it stopped a clock on the wall of his house. It didn’t stop him though. He further comments that the rocket could have blown up 15 houses. You can see from the picture the complete lack of an impact zone. Then, there is the screamingly funny, ceiling collapse that left no debris. The shock wave did this. I’m guessing nearby sundials were also frozen in movement from the force of the blast. It’s usually at a point like this that someone will say, “You can’t make this stuff up!” Actually, you can.
These poor illegitimate poachers, of a land with people for a people who need to steal some land from some people with land, are truly pathetic; if it is possible to ascribe the word ‘pathetic’ to the actions of psychopathic persona. These are the people who murdered upwards of 60,000,000 Russians ‘prior to’ the onset of World War 2. Yeah, probably some millions also went down during and after this Banker Financed Horror for the purpose of personal gain.
Here we have the living, breathing, demonstrated nature of the practicing Satanist. A pure materialist will go to any lengths to get whatever garbage motivates their obsessions but a Satanist will do not only that but also seek to leave as much divisiveness, suffering and chaos in their wake as possible. It’s not just about getting whatever it is that they are after that is pre-eminent in their toxic consciousness. It is also necessary that a maximum of pain and suffering take place for the psycho-sexual enjoyment of these monsters. Imagine the most terrible of acts and the greatest indignities that can be visited upon other human beings (better if you don’t probably) and be aware that these acts and intentions sexually arouse these creatures; these monsters; “but the ceiling! The ceiling! Look at the ceiling in The Kinder Viper Room!” Have we any forensic Sheetrock experts on the premises? See anything or not see something that departs from the expected norm in this crime scene? Does one note any number of laws of physics that were apparently suspended, so that the Butchers of Palestine can whinge and whine about their fabricated situation? Truly… ‘they cry out in pain when they strike you’.
That it has become as absurd as it has and that it can go on in all its gruesome detail for so long and be spun like wiry strands of shit from an impacted colon into some kind of knit Faberge egg can mean only one thing; it’s all being done for the purpose of demon-stration. Nothing that you see or hear about is happening because of some form of droit de seigneur. It is happening because some souls want this and some souls want that and a vast collection of soulless stolen cars want something else and the prime motive force is inclined to see that everyone gets where they think they want to go and as it is an apocalypse; get there with the whole world watching.
It’s hard for those whose totality of compassion has not been pressed out of them by a forty ton press of materialism going dwarf star in upon itself, to understand WHY? Why do all of these things have to happen? The most telling limitation of the mortal mind is it’s narrow field of perception and understanding. Cosmic imperatives don’t make any sense. The duck billed platypus doesn’t make any sense. George W. Bush doing a ‘see Jane run’ biography on his merciless mass murderer of a sire, instead of hanging by the neck like a pheasant outside some lord’s manor during the holidays, makes no sense. The absence of a world wide revolution and summary mob justice for all those so deserving also makes no sense. That any of these things have not yet happened does not mean that they- and worse- will not happen. That justice doesn’t even ‘appear’ to be done is no guarantee that justice will not get done when the Rip Van Winkle deity finally wakes up under whatever Sequoia he fell asleep under when it was smaller than a Japanese Maple.
The mystery of why is all wrapped up in the mystery of ones state, prior to their appearance here and ones location following their departure. It’s connected to who you are and what happens to you here, when what happens to you here makes no kind of sense whatsoever. It’s connected to the constant presence of the downtrodden and the endless gasping and grasping of the privileged in their pursuit of arcane appetites. It’s interwoven and interconnected with every in your face occurrence and every mysterious and unseen impetus that brings about the even more undesirable replacements for what preceded them. It can only make sense to a mind completely detached from it. It is not going to make sense to anyone in any form of relationship to it, except for those who are seeking no deeper answer that the hunger of flesh. For them it all makes sense.
Why do those who identify themselves as peacemakers nearly always get killed and why do those who pursue the expression of Love in its higher applications seldom catch a bullet? Why do yogis who should already (and do already) know what is good and lasting and what is not good and lasting get caught up in what is not good and lasting so often? Why do so many priests and ministers of different faiths get sucked into carnal behavior, while having spent so many years reading about the consequences? There are a great many examples of cognitive dissonance making their appearance front and center in these times. It’s because of the need for all of us to be shown those things that far too few of us are paying any attention to.
Of course, you can refuse to pay attention for only so long. Eventually a scabrous and clawed hand is going to come out of nowhere and snatch you up by the neck and whatever that hand is connected to is going to be making some form of demonstration on you.
We are here in a cauldron of confusion, a place of epic difficulties stacked one upon the other. We are composed of elements at war with themselves. There is no other purpose to our being here than to learn the meaning and the cost of our actions and the actions of others. We can learn by doing. We can learn by watching, or we can just assume it’s all going to end badly and opt out of the whole carnival to the extent it is individually possible for any of us to do. We are not all in possession of similar degrees of latitude, nor are we driven by equal degrees of motivation in any of the countless available directions. Why would anyone choose to do the things we see them doing, given the cost that comes along with it?
I could go in a million directions from here with all of this but what would be the point? People only see what they are capable of seeing and a lot of that has to do with what they want to see. They hear what they want to hear. Someone tells them this will kill them and they say, “So what?” or “No it won’t.” or “It’s none of your business.”
It’s not just Ebola that threatens to go to plague status. There are other conditions that are multiplying at an alarming rate Of course, Ebola may well not be all it is presented as. Like so many unfortunate things there may well be malicious intent at the root of it.
I go about with heavy heart on many days. The collective suffering loose in the world has reached the point where it is palpable to anyone with a nature sensitive enough to detect it. I recognize my relative helplessness and the force of Karma that encapsulates us all in its web. Karma and degrees of variable blindness go hand in hand. If you cannot clearly see, you cannot clearly define or understand what is taking place around you. You act and react out of sync with what is preferential to your best interests. This leads to more Karma and a greater blindness. Only a surpassing intensity of Love can melt the darkness that compromises our sight. Love and light are eternal kindred and the one naturally generates some amount of the other as it is employed in your life.
It won’t get better unless we get better and there has to be a motivation for that and that motivation has to be greater than the resistance to it that is operational at all times. May you have the good fortune to win out in this exercise.
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