The Macroprosopus and the Spinal Meningitis

One foot follows another. One day follows another. One blog essay follows another and on we go. The world needs a healing agent. When you’re out of sorts the whole body suffers. The world is one body. You could think of the continents as organs and you could imagine a controlling spine that runs to command central in the brain from the sacral plexus on up to where some collection of governors sit in plush leather chairs looking out on things through the dual portholes of the eyes; studying the hidden operations through the internal eye.

There’s a bacterial form of spinal meningitis that’s been assaulting the operations center of the Macroprosopus. Because of this a lot of the Microprosopians have gone mad. When you look into the mirror, you can’t see who you are any more. The reflection has gone all funny. Nature is that mirror and it’s acting out in accordance with the damaged image that’s being transmitted by the transmitters that have this meningitis. Cancers are forming because when things are out of wack you get those rogue cells that attack the host organism. Sure… this is analogy and not precise because I’m probably being affected by it too.

In the slice and dice world of allopathic medicine they like to cut out the offending parts and they also like to inject chemicals into the system to force compliance. The white cell policemen are having a bad day. Many of them aren’t sure of their role any more and they’re attacking the allies of their own primary effort. A lot of them are getting wiped out by lurkers in phony cell markers. It’s a form of AIDS.

There are other modalities that could heal the dis-ease that is raging through the great body of existence. Some say that the system will heal itself if it only stops ingesting and practicing things that are anathema to the holistic workings of ‘the’ system which contains all the other interdependent systems. Some hope the problem will just run its course. Some believe the problem is anything but themselves and that the real enemy is anything that stands between them and what they want. Theories abound and useless efforts at readjustment abound too because all of these efforts seek to include some portion of the things that made the system sick in the first place.

Sooner or later this main system is going to break down. It will become overwhelmed by toxic levels. It will lose the will to continue. It’s being cannibalized by its own inhabitants who seem to believe you really can shit where you eat as long as you convert the shit to something else; rename the shit, make friends with the shit, sign a treaty with the shit or add flavor enhancements. Sure, it’s still shit but it’s tasty, friendly shit that’s been reduced to the level of the white flour in the warehouses thats had everything edible removed so that the vermin won’t even eat it. They just reinject all the nutritional features when they go to make the bread.

There’s no real reason that the Macroprosopus should be in ill health. There’s no sane reason to live in a pattern that destroys the pattern maker. There’s no reason for all the little copies of the main schematic to join together in suicide clubs or operate as lone wolves. The one thing you notice about going mad is that you don’t notice. It all seems natural.

People talk about intelligence and education as if they included wisdom and understanding as a part of the package deal. They don’t. An intelligent cannibal is just going to be smarter about getting what he wants. The value of a good education is dependent upon what you’ve been educated in. What happens is that a situation emerges where those who have developed the power to acquire the most resources for themselves are applauded by the cells that they’ve taken these resources from. The nerve current information transmitters broadcast this as desirable and all the recipients accept this information because it seems to be coming from the official chief operating source. It’s actually coming from the meningitis affected locus points where the original and correct information has been changed into another message that is fever enhanced.

No matter how sick the main organism might be there are always going to be cell bodies who know something is wrong. Don’t ask me how this is possible. For some reason it’s always been the case. Maybe it’s similar to those sensors that tell you something hurts. Maybe that’s all it is. One thing is for sure, nothing is going to get any better until the meningitis is dealt with. You can’t heal the meningitis if those employed for eradication and healing have been convinced that the problem is something else.

I’m not a doctor. I’m an affected cell. But I do know that if all of the other cells stop feeding the meningitis that the meningitis will starve away. Is this a practical truth or is it just more analogy?

The people of this world and this body have to stop contributing to the conditions of their own suffering and confusion. They have to stop participating and maybe they even need to pretend to be assisting while they are in fact working undercover just like the units with the false cell markers. Some kind of revolution is necessary; some kind of purging and a group resolve to end contribution and complicity in their own demise.

Let’s move out of the realm of analogy and look at some simple facts. The world of banks and corporations are the enemy of the residents of the Macroprosopus. These centers have hijacked the information highways. By false presentation they have deceived the residents into making war on each other and on themselves. If the residents stop contributing to the banking and corporate centers these centers will lose the power to operate and the meningitis will no longer have the food necessary to sustain itself in its efforts to destroy itself.

It is the nature of evil to destroy itself. Evil, regardless of it’s perceptions to the contrary, is insane. It believes it is doing one thing while it is really doing something else. It’s fine and dandy for evil to destroy itself and the sooner the better. However, those who support and defend these efforts are destroying themselves as well. Sooner or later, those deceived by evil must cease in their support or admit to themselves that they are evil too. Sooner or later they won’t have to worry about getting this because it’s going to be shown to them loud and clear.

What you believe informs your actions. If what you believe is causing you to suffer then there is something wrong with what you believe. No matter what happens, evil is going to destroy itself. It’s up to you if you go along with the program. Regardless of what happens there are life units that survive in the aftermath. Somehow these life units are in the right place at the right time and possess the skills necessary to continue.

Is there some healing force unknown to the players that steps in at a certain moment every time the organism comes to critical mass? It could be that this is just a mysterious coming together of some portion of the players. Somehow, something comes into play among the players and it sorts to the left and the right as it moves away from the torment of what it was.

If it were not for the fever that clouds the mind as it observes the inner and outer weather, most of us could clearly see what’s against our better interests and what is for our better interests. As it is… some portion of us continues to serve the masters of their destruction and some portion continues to move in another direction, step by step and day by day until there are no more steps and no more days.

Fade Away

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.