Barack Obama: Hollywood President in the White House

Yesterday, Barack Obama was installed as president of the decomposing empire of the United States. A few months ago I wrote an inaugural address for Obama. According to the strange serendipity of the internet, I wound up at the top of the Google search results for the keywords and over the last couple of days I have been receiving tens of thousands of hits. This has brought me visits from personality types who don’t usually find themselves in places like my blogs.

The readership at my blogs consists of highly literate and well-informed individuals. They find their way here because they go to real news sites. These are not the sort of people who get their news from the mainstream media. These new visits and the relative intelligence of these individuals are reflected in the responses they are leaving in my comments section. I’m hearing tired canards about ‘taking your meds’. I’m hearing from people who are going to hunt down and kill anyone who criticizes Obama. I’m receiving comments from people who haven’t a clue about 9/11 and who believe it’s just something in the past and doesn’t matter to the present and the future of their country. It’s all very revealing.
These people are so far away from the truth about their situation that seeking to inform them about anything is tantamount to speaking to them in a foreign language which they will never learn. You might as well be talking to your house cat about electricity.

The storm clouds are gathered on the horizon. In the midst of the cheering and celebrations, the sleeping classes are dancing in their dreams while their house is on fire. They are in the same situation as a driver going down the highway who is ignoring every sign and traffic light. It is hard to feel sorry for people like this. These are the sorts of people who will seek to do you bodily harm for telling them something intended to save and protect them.

Even though I and others like me move through your world we are not a part of it. Our world is as foreign to you as a lawnmower is to a headhunter. Your world seems to us like a suicidal madness where you believe what you are told by people who consider you suckers, fools and disposable as the plastic wrappers that cover the processed foods you consume in order to feed the medical industries who rely on your poor health for profit and survival.

I think back over the centuries and wonder at all the times that your shiny, believing faces have gazed in awe and hope upon the leaders whose intention was to destroy you. I think of all the pointless wars, designed for the profit of those who created them, into which you marched to brass bands and waving banners. I think of the witch hunts and the religious leaders who convinced you that your God was a bloodthirsty demon who would destroy everyone but yourselves.

I think of all the great art that you venerate and will never understand. I think about the books like “Candide” and the works of Kafka and Orwell. I think of the clear exposition of the destiny of our repeating personality types as expressed in the works of Shakespeare and I see you chewing your gum like the cows chew their cuds in the field. You will never understand the intentions of these authors and you will never understand yourself as you are. You dance across the surface of life and you mock those who have your best interests at heart while you present your necks for the headsman. There is nothing you can be told. You flutter by like butterflies that live for a day and cannot conceive of what is obvious to the purposes of the lives made different than your own.

Now you have a president whose knowledge of the tasks before him are the equal of a child in grammar school presented with a problem in theoretical physics. He’s a Hollywood president. He’s a man who might play the part in a television show and he only has to look the part. It’s not the same as real life. In real life there are no convenient scripts where one only has to repeat their lines. There is no need here to understand the problems because the problems are all solved by the waving of a magic wand between commercial breaks.

Hope and change are the slogans of a product that promises results than cannot be delivered. They are a call to arms against an enemy who is yourself. Hope is best defined in the phrase, “wish in one hand and shit in the other.” Change and the promise of improvement are best understood in the belief that you can achieve different results by doing the same thing over again. But you do not want to hear this. This is like fingernails drawn down a blackboard. This provokes the rage behind your denial and though it is never different, you believe that this time it will be different.

Here we have a lawyer with no practical grasp beyond his profession who intends to change your world without either the tools or the skills to accomplish it. Therefore these tasks will be handed over to the very elements that have brought you to where you are today. His chief adviser is an on site representative of a foreign nation which is the greatest enemy your country has beside epidemic ignorance and a childish enthusiasm for magic wands and miracle products. You have my sympathies.

How many times and in how many lands have you been seduced by grand promises and stirring rhetoric? How many times have you been fleeced and led into penury? How many times have you been whipped by the fear of manufactured enemies?

Obama falls to his knees before the nation of Israel and you dance about with stardust in your eyes and think how fine a thing it is that you live in the greatest nation on Earth. How great can your nation be when those elected or appointed to serve you have their first allegiance to a tiny little country whose main industry is practicing genocide on their neighbors? What do you think of their representatives spying on your nation, attacking your nation under the guise of others? What do you think of their destruction of your financial system? Even your own propaganda mills of the main stream media report on the actions of these representatives every day from Jack Abramoff to Bernie Madoff. What do you think? You do not think. You cannot think.

How can your Hollywood president have your best interests at heart when his first concern is the commands and directives of a foreign power? What kind of a president is unable to speak out against the publicly performed murder and torment of one of the weakest peoples on Earth? You see it there as day follows day. You see it on the electronic altar of your real God which is your television set.

It is only fitting that you should have a Hollywood president for you are a Hollywood people whose lives have no more substance than the characters in the programs that you watch. You are manipulated by and enthralled with those whose primary intention is to deceive and abuse you and you have your fingers in your ears while you scream to blot out the voice of truth that must, perforce, find another means to inform you; those who cannot hear must feel.

A president who does not have the interests of his own country before all others cannot be a welcome or competent leader. A president who can see the truth but will not speak the truth is a compromised tool in the hands of others. Hope and change; we shall see what hope shall come. Change will come regardless and it will reflect the will of those empowered to animate it. It will come according to the understanding of those affected by it. The popcorn, candy and soft drinks can be purchased in the lobby.

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