Appearances are Lies in Manifestation

Reflections in a Petri Dish — July 27, 2014

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These are strange times. There’s no getting around that and within the atmosphere of the greater strange is the smaller strange, which is our life, lived in that atmosphere. Evil has ramped up its intensity. By that I mean all the avenues of application that are evil by definition in respect of their impact on other life forms. Although evil may have a central source, or point of entry into the manifest, via the human organism, it is not an organized effort in its totality. It is a collection of various organized groups and individual entrepreneurs, who are often at odds with one another, just as they are at odds with their own essential being, save where that feature has booked and left nothing but an animatron to be driven wild by whatever now occupies it.
I don’t know that my own life is anything with which I can draw comparisons to a larger scheme. What I do know is that my life has not been so uncertain as it is in a very long time. Finding a new location and troubleshooting my form from here to whatever way station I am likely to occupy, until something opens up for me, possesses a much higher degree of difficulty than I was expecting. Of course, it’s not insurmountable, given the application of a focused will; hopefully reflecting the intent of that more mysterious all pervading impetus that none of us can define or understand. What will be will be. We’ve all heard some version of that. Just how much of what we do has to do with what comes to pass anyway, well… people have been arguing about that for a long time.
There is no question we have entered a greater degree of pervasive intensity. This means the level of general uncertainty has risen. I can feel it. I can see it around me but I do not see that there is anything like a common awareness of it going on. People may feel a bit more nervous. There may be a shared uneasiness running around from mind to mind but the reason for it, I suspect, is not making itself known to the generic mind. Obviously the Powers that Mess with Us have accelerated events to a new Defcon. Whatever they think they know they know. They got a time table and they want to get to wherever it is they want to get before conditions change and it might get harder to get there. It’s like the Russia question, the madmen manipulating Howdy Doody and all the other politicos, put into office to do their bidding, have been told that the balance of power lists heavily to the potential profit of the Zio-Satanic Alliance. In their minds, nuclear war is winnable. They believe there is a good chance that they can wipe out a significant portion of Russia and China and still keep on rocking in the no longer free world.
Maybe they know things the rest of us don’t know, about Fukushima, or things that haven’t even been subjects of commentary and discussion. Maybe there’s something going on with alien infiltration or, well, I couldn’t begin to speculate. Maybe the bean counters have crunched the numbers and… no matter what… it always comes up the same and the only sane course that they see, given that they are completely insane, is to wipe out a significant portion of the world, keeping a certain percentage of the underclass around to see to their needs. For all I know, that’s what all those kids across the border is really about.
I’m not evil, so far as I know, nor am I illuminated to the degree that I can know what evil knows simply by turning my attention in that direction. I’ve no idea what they are really up to and there’s a good argument that could be made that neither do they. I don’t know how much autonomy actually exists. Maybe there’s wide latitude and maybe there is very little.
Outside my window of the moment, the thunder is crashing as if it showed up as punctuation points of some kind. I’m wondering if I’m picking up on all kinds of things or simply a temporary captive of a kind of group think. I’m used to being alone and not alone but by myself in the sense that there aren’t other people around. Now, I’m in something resembling a large hotel and they’re all as like unto each other as I am unlike them. It’s hard to be completely independent of the hive mind impact when it surrounds you on all sides, especially when you’ve been brutalized into a state of temporary submission and made dependent on a closed system. Sometimes you just have to pass through something; keeping in mind, in many cases, that the intestines are the last ports of call prior to your exit (grin).
I am as aware of the planets whirling through space as I am aware of them interfacing within me. Their combined rubbing up against one another through smaller and larger orbits, across closer or further distances, sets the stage for all the multiplicity of events which take place moving from one intricate configuration to another. It’s to be assumed that we all handle it differently. It presses on us in different ways. It motivates us to different ends and… of course… we’ve all got different objectives in play. Sometimes the planets will favor you and sometimes not.
There are many distressing trends afoot these days. One of the worst of them is the combined docility and depravity of the gen pop. The force of materialism is overwhelming the force of idealism on most fronts. A few decades back, so much of what is taking place would generate a collective outrage across the board. Now it generates a listless apathy. Perhaps that is why it is happening today. Not all that long ago, many of the trends being promoted by the scoundrels in power and their media would not have been tolerated. Something happened to the public will. Something has occupied the public mind and areas of that organism have been rendered non operational. Also, these days, even when the public will comes out in opposition to to something, the bought and paid for judiciary overrules the public will.
When the truth is made known, such as Hamas not being responsible for killing 3 members of the master race, or when it is made known that Ukrainian jets were shadowing the Malaysian airline that got shot down, it doesn’t seem to make any difference. So what? It’s not likely to get mentioned in the Crass Media and… once again, so what if it is? So what? I can hardly think of anything more dangerous and depressing than that. All manner of evil is now performed with impunity. I keep expecting newscasters and TV/film personalities to suddenly rise to their feet in the middle of their professional activities and say, “This is all lies and bullshit, I can’t take it any more.” It doesn’t happen.
How far can this all progress before it no longer has any momentum at all, or before something comes about that throws the totality of existence into doubt of its continuance?
I’m just a tiny molecule in a vast sea of countless molecules. All of these other molecules are moving in directions I cannot justify to myself and so I cannot move in those directions. I can strive to become an ignited molecule that instigates a chain reaction but the possibility of having any significant impact on some greater number of molecules is not great. Perhaps it is all wrapped up in the mystery of time and space and possibly, depending on the degree of integrity in any specific molecule, should it come to a particular level of effect, it might well affect the whole of the molecules. I’d like to believe that. I’d like to believe that there is time for that.
I cannot submit to what appearances tell me. I cannot accept that what should be is what is, or that what appears to be is what is. Despite the strong power of appearances and the crushing weight of materialism in all directions, I cannot submit. I am not alone in this. There are many of us who cannot submit, who will not submit; who have already submitted to something else. We shall see what proves stronger in the long run.
Something keeps telling me it is all individual; that destiny and circumstance all materialize from individual actions and individual perspectives. Something tell me that simply because ten million or a hundred million souls have decided to crawl down into a well of darkness that it is not required that others among us must do the same. Something tells me we are all being watched to see what we will do and that that is the purpose of the whole affair and it will all be settled individually, no matter how collective it might appear.
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