Voice of the White House January 19, 2009

“The entire city is jammed with attendees for the Grand Inauguration and if you have an extra bedroom, den or even comfortable garage, you can easily rent it out for huge money. D.C. is filled with the eager and expectant and it reminds me of a sort of political Woodstock. All those eager, hopeful faces seen to long for the Ascension of St. Barak to some heavenward plane from whence he will somehow make everything right again. They will have money and the ability to spend it on all those useless things they had in the past, magic new cell phones, DVDs, useless trips to the Caribbean or Mexico (can’t go to Mexico anymore because anarchy reigns there, complete anarchy) new huge cars, wonderful luxury condos built with lots of plastic that is sure to warp and crack, drugs of choice and other really important objects to delight their jaded tastes. Will they get them? Will the new Messiah give them back their useless toys? Guess! The merry-go-round has broken and everyone will have to get off and walk home in the rain but Obama will certainly try. But by trying, he will have to fight entrenched entities like a thousand different business entities who have been used to completely controlling the Bush White House. He will fight powerful, selfish and relatively useless groups like the Jesus Freaks and the Jews with their fierce love is Israel and constant braying about their fake Holocaust, and he will have an enormous, bloated civil service that comes to work an hour late and goes home an hour early every day and does less work than an autistic mongoloid idiot. And whose salary ought, in all right, be gift-wrapped. I predict that Obama, who has vast public support and is thereby feared and hated by all of the above, had best not go into large crowds because some Lee Harvey Oswald type will shoot him. Like the real Oswald, he will be a patsy for some shadowy group who will never be discovered and there will be an enormous tsunami of public outrage. Of course, the cliques, the so-called Power Elite, will only laugh as they enjoy a good cigar at the Metropolitan or Cosmos clubs and then the realigning of a iconoclastic new government will begin and the K street creeps will be back again, sneaking into the White House or the Senate Office Building with bags full of money. ‘Fuck the public’is their motto and a populist President is nothing against the power of economic privilege.”

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