Televangelist’s “Death” Gives Pope Credibility

by Carolyn Hamlett — July 27, 2014

palmerRichard Evan’s insightful article on Pope Francis’ flirtation with sleazy televangelists accurately portrays the players for what they are. People need to hear the truth. Unfortunately there are too few people who care enough for their fellow man to stand up, stick their neck out and speak the truth to anything which involves that Goliath of the Vatican.
I realize that on the surface this move of ecumenicalism appears Godly and wholesome. It’s designed that way. However, those who know and serve “The Plan”, know the endgame of this seemingly good promotion of global peace. The religious unity which the Pope has been promoting is in complete agreement and alignment with “The Plan” for globalization known as the NWO. With 100% surety I can state that the Pope is following “The Plan” to install the anti-Christ into global rule.
In my July 6th blog article, “Will There Be A Global “Sunday Law“?, I detailed how the plan for globalism operates to achieve the goals which were mapped out many years ago. Much of this step by step plan was explained to me in 1957. I have witnessed this plan unfold as I was told it would.
To give the readers some insight into the Pope’s move toward ecumenicalism and the endgame, here are some excerpts from my July 6th article.
“Nearly 60 years ago, when “The Plan” was laid out to me, I was told that in the latter section of “The Plan”, as a means to prepare the masses to embrace the global spirituality to be brought in with Lucifer’s chosen “Christ”, religious leaders will meet to begin promoting spiritual unity of faiths. (We are seeing this now.) Though the purpose is to appear as promoting global peace, the plan for the future of this ecumentalism is sinister.
The plan is to condition the masses to believe that global peace can not be achieved without the unity of all faiths.
This conditioning of the masses will continue until the majority of the world’s population is convinced that global peace is being held back from them, the peoples of the world, by a minority of selfish, unloving, willfully ignorant closed minded, spiritually inferior people stuck in their outdated fundamentalist Christian belief system and too suborn to give it up.
Finally, the peoples of the world will agree to exterminate the few for the greater good of the many. My mother called this “a compassionate plan within “The Plan”.”
“The way of “The Plan” is to gently stroke the masses with suggestions. The suggestions are gradually increased and plugged where ever possible by way of TV, radio, books, and movies. Thisprimes the masses to be open and ready to embrace the final suggestion.”
“I believe we will be seeing more and more reference suggesting that Sunday is the preferred “Holy-day”..or more like ‘holiday” of rest. The Pope and other religious and political leaders will bepriming the masses with talks of peace and ecumenicalism. Again, as I said before, Lucifer/Satan works through his people to make his plan for his global rulership a physical reality.”
(End of quotes from my July 6th article.)


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