Pope Francis’ Flirtation With Sleazy Televangelists

by Richard Evans — (henrymakow.com) July 26, 2014

Pope Francis and the 'Televangelist' mafia. Click to enlarge

Pope Francis and the ‘Televangelist’ mafia. Click to enlarge

Since January 20 until July 20th this year, the Catholic pope and the big fat ‘Televangelist’ mafia seemed to be announcing an ecumenical merger.
Although a merger between the ancient Roman church and these tax exempt snake-oil salesmen seems ‘too weird’, consider that the TV Jesus racket has siphoned off 500 million – that’s half a billion people onto the rolls of the “Mega-churches”. These crooks aren’t just millionaires anymore.
None of them like to give solid figures on how much they really pull in, but Kenneth Copeland couldn’t help bragging in January that his “ministry” had passed the billion dollars collected figure “some time ago”, and said he’s in the “billion club” – thinly veiling it by implying that means how many souls he’s ‘saved’.
Back in January, 500 of these professional false prophets met for the Kenneth Copeland Minister’s Conference, near Ft. Worth Texas. One of them was an English-slash-South African ‘Anglican-slash-Episcopal-slash-Bishop’, named Tony Palmer.
Palmer wasn’t a “real” Anglican, but ordained in a quasi-Anglican spinoff termed “Convergence”. ‘Convergence’ refers to a ‘movement’ to squish or merge all the Christian denominations together into one big bag. Palmer, who said in interviews he started out in ‘the medical profession’ (medical transcriptionist), converted in 1992. I think he went to work for Copeland’s organization in 1994. He made no secret of his long, tight association with the High Priest of the televangelism, and vice versa. In the interviews that followed the ‘big event’ I’m about to tell you about, Palmer referred to Copeland as “my spiritual father”.


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