MH17: five of the most bizarre conspiracy theories

News Commentary — July 22, 2014

MH17 crash siteLess than a week has passed since Flight MH-17 went down and the evidence for what caused the crash has yet to be gathered, let alone analysed.
Nonetheless, the Guardian’s Padraig Reidy is ready to label some speculation as to what caused the crash as “conspiracy theories”.
When one of the corporate media’s lackeys uses that term some sort of smear job invariably follows and as if on cue Padraig Reidy trots out some of the more bizarre notions, before concluding:
“It is no good to say they are merely “alternative” ways of looking at the world, as some of their defenders will counter. There is reality and there is fantasy. We cannot engage with the world, or hope to improve it, without first knowing the true state of things. Conspiracy theories destroy any hope of that.” (MH17: five of the most bizarre conspiracy theories)
In other words “conspiracy theories” are harmful fantasies, which hinder our attempts to comprehend the world.
To arrive at this conclusion Reidy pointedly ignores Tuesday’s press conference held by Russia’s military high command which posed more questions about MH-17.
No doubt because the points raised — backed by radar monitoring records and satellite surveillance photos — are more “conspiracy theories”
Nonetheless, some really significant points were raised at Tuesday’s press conference such as:
* Why did Flight MH-17 deviate from its planned flight path?
* Why did the Ukrainians deploy BUK anti-aircraft systems within range MH-17’s flight path?
* Why was the Malaysian passenger jet shadowed by a Ukrainian Su-25 strike jet?
Reidy doesn’t raise any of these points, let alone answer them. Instead he derides those who ‘talk of “globalists”, “internationalists”, “banksters” and “Zionists”’.
Essentially, Reidy article is a smear job masquerading as journalism; and rather than provide a credible explanation as to what happened with Flight MH-17, Reidy suggest that those who entertain “theories on “Zionists”, “globalists” et al, come from a place of hatred and violence.”
Yes, you read that correctly. Those who entertain conspiracy theories are on par with child molesters and Satanists, according to Reidy, they “come from a place of hatred and violence”.
Apart from deriding “conspiracy theories” and those who entertain them however, Reidy seems to assume without question that Moscow has something to hide.
“Moscow has lost control of the situation in east Ukraine, and the last thing an autocrat such as Putin can admit to is that the monster of his making is not at his command”, he writes.
So before all the evidence has even been gathered and while ignoring Tuesday’s critical press conference Reidy is ready condemn Putin over MH-17. At least that’s his “conspiracy theory” and it sucks more than most.

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