Media Prepares the Public For Child Porn

Michael Hoffman — July 18, 2014

The article in question.

The article in question.

As a former reporter for the Establishment media (Associated Press) I am particularly sensitive to indications that the media are using their power to subtly change minds and overcome traditional objections to forms of moral depravity. This usually begins with subtle changes and cues that emanate from executive editors at high levels of the corporate media.
Examine the clipping above. It was published in this morning’s (July 17, 2014) Spokesman-Review newspaper (Spokane, Washington), p. A3. The article concerns the arrest of child pornography supporters (“pedophiles”) including “doctors, lawyers” and ex-police officers.
The subtle processing is found in the second paragraph: “…sensational stories of the sexual abuse of minors regularly headline the tabloids, which some critics accuse of whipping up public hysteria over the issue.”
Notice the article doesn’t say child pornography is harmless; only that it has been “sensationalized” by disreputable “tabloids,” which “whip up public hysteria over the issue.”
Observe that the viewing of child pornography is described as an “issue,” not a crime. The article never refers to it as a crime. Apparently, viewing child pornography is not a sensational transgression in itself. It has been “sensationalized” by disreputable “tabloids.” Too much concern about child pornography is indicative of “hysteria.”

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